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Cheap (and stable) DAC/AMP headphone toslink combo for Console Gaming ?

Jan 21, 2021

Last week the Mass Effect Legendary Edition came out and it turned my former non-gamer-girlfriend into a gamer-wife-to-be.
Well this is my second big coup after getting her interested in Italian-American movies and TV shows. Gabagool.
And before you ask: No she has no twin sister :p

So why I am telling you this? Because I started gaming on my PS3 and PS2 and need a budget headphone dac/amp with toslink input.
The console is on my desk and I don't want to have a big amp on it just to drive my headphones.
I will play more and more on retro consoles in the future that's why a standard cinch input is also needed.

I don't need a revelation in sound but something that is stable enough to run standard 32 ohm headphones and without having
distortions on higher volumes. Budget ends at 100 Euros / 100 USD.

The SMSL M3 caught my attention but I am not sure if there is something cheaper that could also do the job.

Anyone that had the same "problem"? Anything that could be recommended?

Thank you in advance.
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