1. A

    Topping DX7 Pro power cable

    Hello, I'm new to this kind of problem so hope someone can help I'm in the UK, ordered a DX7 Pro from AliExpress, came with a 250v/10a power cable that terminates into a china/australia plug The switch at the bottom of the device can be changed from 115v to 230v, I'm keeping it at 230v Should...
  2. A

    Another Topping D50s output voltage issue

    First time posting on this site. I just wanted to let people know that I am having the exact same issue that willy65000 described in his post a number of weeks ago. I purchased a Topping D50s to function as a preamp/DAC for my Parasound Zonemaster 2350 Amp. The output voltage is insufficient...
  3. EmilMadsen90

    DAC - pre out/line out switch

    Hi, Been lurking around ASR for some time now. I bought the Topping D30 and E30 and the JDS Labs Atom already. However, I’m dreaming of a DAC/pre amp/power amp set-up in my living room. I was thinking a Topping DX7 Pro connected to a power amp. What’s holding me back is; from my understanding...
  4. WoodyLuvr

    Topping L30 HeadAMP

    Topping L30 Update Pic kindly provided by the headAMP's designer @JohnYang1997 *** @WolfX-700 Preliminary Measurements HERE! *** *** @WolfX-700 Full Measurements & Review --- HERE ***
  5. L

    Amp+dac or amp/dac for AKG 712 pro (first time buyer) ~230€ budget [I made a list w/ all my options]

    Hello, I just ordered my first pair of real headphones and now I need a Dac and Amp or a dac/amp combo for them. I currently have a bad 25€ amp/dac from amazon for my Sennheiser Momentum. Ideally my budget would be 200€, I spent 160€ for the headphones, I don't really want to spend way more for...
  6. A

    SOLD: MODDED Topping DX7s - No ESS "Hump" & low headphone output impedance

    For sale Topping DX7s dual ESS Sabre 9038Q2M DAC and headphone amplifier, well taken care of and with little use, in excellent condition (almost as new). The DAC comes with original box and accessories. The DAC section has been modified in order to address the ESS IMD "hump" Results after...
  7. K

    FS: Topping DX7 PRO

    Like new, all accessories included except supplied cheap usb cable. Works perfectly, I am just going in a different direction. You can see my reviews on eBay, although I haven’t done anything there in a while as kelecoleman1. Price is firm at $450 plus shipping.
  8. M

    D10 + Atom amp Vs Dx3 pro

    Hello everyone! Iam thinking about a nice DAC/amp combination to pair with my incoming 58xx and I am struggling between these two options (considering money): Topping dx3 pro (First version!) - used for 6 months - 150€ Topping D10 + JDS Labs Atom - new - 230€ (80 + 150) I really like the...
  9. RickSanchez

    Sabaj D5 vs. SMSL M500 vs. Topping DX7 Pro: measurement comparison

    Due to overwhelming ASR member demand (kidding) I thought it would be interesting to compare three high-performing DAC/amp combos: the Sabaj D5 vs. the SMSL M500 vs. the Topping DX7 Pro. Thanks to @amirm for all of the measurements; all of this info is from him (unless otherwise noted), I'm...
  10. RickSanchez

    Sabaj D5 vs. Topping DX7 Pro: measurement comparison

    Thought it would be interesting to compare two high-performing DAC/amp combos: the Sabaj D5 vs. the Topping DX7 Pro. Thanks to @amirm for all of the measurements; all of this info is from him (unless otherwise noted), I'm simply putting the measurements side-by-side. Author's notes: Sabaj...
  11. M

    Sabaj D5 vs Topping DX7 Pro!

    G'day friends! Now I am certain there are plenty of others with the same dilemma! I am well aware that the DX7 Pro is yet to be measured by master Amirm but I have no doubt it will happen soon! I'm sure either of these high-grade DAC/Amps would make all of us happy. Do you see any reasons to...
  12. L

    Topping D50s volume control

    Is there any recommended way to control volume? Currently using the JRiver volume control instead of the DAC (Preamp) to control volume. Should I use the DAC? If so, why? Audio device-Topping D50s DAC WASAPI
  13. L

    This might be a silly question however will the DAC improve the overall audio of my PC?

    For example a song from youtube or an MP3 file etc OR is it only FLAC files? Does the D50S have specs that are good enough to pair with a high end system with an amplifier? Currently my speakers are the Audioengine A5+ which has an inbuilt amp. Thanks for the help! ☺️
  14. L

    Topping D50s stock USB cable or QED USB cable

    Greetings. I was wondering if using the QED USB cable would be better than using the stock cable provided by Topping in their packaging. Any help is much appreciated! Thank You! ☺️
  15. L

    Topping D10 VS D50S! Looking to upgrade to new speakers in the future, most probably something like 400W speakers with amp. In that case, D10 or D50?

    My specs: Speakers- AudioEngine A5+ Sources- Windows PC and iPhone Max Audio Files- 24/196, 24/192 and some DSD files! Topping D10 VS D50S Please cast your votes! ☺️
  16. L

    Best DAC under $300 for Audioengine A5+ powered speakers

    My source is my PC and my purpose is to listen to FLAC 24/196, 24/192 etc and DSD music files! Please give your recommendations! I have made a poll as well feel free to vote plus recommend devices that you think are better! Thanks! ☺️
  17. L

    Topping D10 2019 or D30

    Which has better specs to play lossless music from powered bookshelf speakers? (AudioEngine A5+)
  18. M

    Audio Interface vs DAC + Amp or Combo

    I'm completely new to the idea of using a DAC + Amp or Combo when I'm not in my home studio with my Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt interface. I had just been using my 2019 MacBook Pro laptop's headphone out when someone suggested I look into a DAC & Amp. My headphones are OPPO PM-3 with an upgraded...
  19. C

    Can you connect powered speakers to a dac + amp ( Topping MX3 ) ?

    Hello everyone! First time poster here, I've been lurking this forum for the past few months and am a big fan of this forum's objective and friendly environment [many thanks to Amir] I'm sure a few people are in a similar situation as I am, so help would be greatly appreciated! Primary...
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