1. LuckyLuke575

    FiiO Q1 Mk II BAL vs Topping A50 + D50s

    Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading my desk setup from the portable FiiO Q1 Mk II that I'm currently using the BAL output on with a pair of Sennheiser HD 650 headphones. I listen to music all day while I work on the computer, so I want to make sure that I have the best setup possible. I'm...
  2. Peib

    How to connect Topping E30 to L30 and integrated amplifier?

    Hello! I’m considering to buy both topping e30 and l30 in order to pair them with my beyer dt1770pro. The problem is I want to keep using my speakers, which are connected to an integrated amplifier. I want to use the E30 not only for headphones but also for speakers and I dont know exactly how...
  3. EchoChamber

    SOLD[US]: Topping A90 Balanced Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp

    In excellent condition, bought new from Apos Audio in May 2020. SINAD of 121 dB per Audio Science Review measurements. Includes a short stereo pair of Canare L-2T2S with Neutrik XLR connectors balanced cables. Asking $400 + $30 shipping - local pickup available in Northern NJ (Montclair...
  4. J

    Is Topping A50S single ended output as least as good than topping L30

    Hi there. To keep it simple I prefer the design of topping A50S over L30 and since there is no too much price difference... I only need Single ended output. I know measurements are not everything, so I wonder if someone have compared them in side to side test and could tell me if they are at...
  5. S

    Topping E30 + RPI2 USB sufficient?

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a Topping E30 DAC and want to hook it up to a RPI2 that I have laying around that will be connected to LAN and probably will be running piCorePlayer (but am willing to switch if other streaming programs will run better in combination) I'm hearing contradictory...
  6. J

    Stack or Combo? (M500, E30 L30, D50s A50s or schiit magni/modi 3)

    Hi All, I am very new to this. I just got an active speaker (Edifier S880DB). I am looking at Dac/amp for the speaker and to control the speakers from the amp. So based on the price in my country, the: Price of SMSL M500 = Price D50s + A50s > Price Schiit magni+modi = Price E30 +L30. My...
  7. therobin

    FS: Topping D30 - $100CAD

    I bought a new DAC, so I'm selling my D30 now. It is fully working with no issues or conditions. Comes with original box and USB cable. I can also include a short optical, coax and RCA cable if buyer wishes (not originally included with the device). $100CAD (~$75USD). Ships from Toronto...
  8. A

    Topping E30 USB input

    Hello, I am trying to understand how to use the USB input from the Topping E30. Is this port only to connect it to a PC/laptop? Or can I use this for other devices? Would it be possible to connect a Chromecast audio to this USB port? How about a tablet running android? I am trying to find a...
  9. A

    Keep Topping DX3 pro or get new DAC plus AMP

    Hello guys, I have been lurking and reading various threads on here for a while and finally decided to make a thread about something that has been bugging me for weeks now. So I got myself a DX3 pro(my first ever DAC/AMP) last month to pair it with my HD650. Now I did enjoy the sound and it...
  10. Rix403

    Topping D9 dac

    Topping D90, non-MQA version, in silver. Like new. Comes with box, remote, bluetooth antenna, power, USB cable. Great dac, refined with a lot of detail and impressive imaging ability on the soundstage. Asking $680 usd
  11. Rix403

    Topping A90 (like new)

    Offering up my Topping A90, located in Toronto, Canada. I’m open to sell it for $480 usd (trying to recover costs) and I’ll ship it within North America. If going overseas, we can figure out a fair shipping cost. Comes with Amp, Chrging Cable, associated manuals, 3.5 adaptor, and double boxed...
  12. D

    Need advice on what amp to pair with Topping D10s

    Hello, audio noob here, so please forgive my ignorance. My old sound card died, so I purchased a Topping D10s to replace it. I took a look at the review here - at the end of it the reviewer says "If your amplifier requires 1 volt to reach its maximum power, your DAC SINAD is between 107 to 110...
  13. dpippel

    SOLD: Topping D10s DAC - LIKE NEW

    Purchased this last week from Apos Audio to compare with my S.M.S.L M200, and I've decided to hang onto the M200 because of its Bluetooth capability. The D10s sounds GREAT, I love the display and form factor, and it has only 3 hours on it, so it's basically brand new. Everything that came with...
  14. Peib

    Portable amp for AKG K712 and Beyer DT1770 Pro. ¿Topping DX4, xDuoo XD-05 or just the DAP xDuoo x3II?

    Hello! Im considering buying Topping NX4 but im not sure of that just because the output power. Im currently using xduoo x3ii which provides 212 mw/32 ohms while Topping provides 293mW a 32 Ohms, and I think it isnt high enough. My headphones are Beyerdynamic dt1770 pro and AKG k712 pro, and I...
  15. A

    Topping DX7 Pro power cable

    Hello, I'm new to this kind of problem so hope someone can help I'm in the UK, ordered a DX7 Pro from AliExpress, came with a 250v/10a power cable that terminates into a china/australia plug The switch at the bottom of the device can be changed from 115v to 230v, I'm keeping it at 230v Should...
  16. A

    Another Topping D50s output voltage issue

    First time posting on this site. I just wanted to let people know that I am having the exact same issue that willy65000 described in his post a number of weeks ago. I purchased a Topping D50s to function as a preamp/DAC for my Parasound Zonemaster 2350 Amp. The output voltage is insufficient...
  17. EmilMadsen90

    DAC - pre out/line out switch

    Hi, Been lurking around ASR for some time now. I bought the Topping D30 and E30 and the JDS Labs Atom already. However, I’m dreaming of a DAC/pre amp/power amp set-up in my living room. I was thinking a Topping DX7 Pro connected to a power amp. What’s holding me back is; from my understanding...
  18. WoodyLuvr

    Topping L30 HeadAMP

    Topping L30 Update Pic kindly provided by the headAMP's designer @JohnYang1997 *** @WolfX-700 Preliminary Measurements HERE! *** *** @WolfX-700 Full Measurements & Review --- HERE ***
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