1. Talisman

    Why don't the usual suspects (Topping, Sabaj, Smsl, Loxije etc) touch the dsp market?

    The question is serious, and is aimed at anyone with sensible hypotheses. In a market so saturated with dacs of all kinds, where a new photocopied dac comes out every month, all with the same functions, all with the same characteristics, how is it possible that none of the low-cost Chinese...
  2. S

    [Solved] Topping D90 low volume problem + "No Jack Info..."

    Hi, Thank you for checking out this thread first of all. I have Topping D90 MQA DAC, which started having problems today. It worked perfectly fine until I shut down my PC earlier today. After several hours later, I boot PC and this issue appeared. I tried pretty much I could think of and find...
  3. yllanos

    Thoughts on Topping MX3s DAC/AMP?

    Recently announced. I’d love to see a balanced version of this model.
  4. N

    Topping MX5 amplifier displaying "Err PA" upon applying power - can not access Setup

    I just got my Topping MX5, after applying power to it, it immediately displayed "Err PA". I tried to get into Setup mode but was not successful. I tired the following: 1.Per the Topping User Manual, I pressed the front panel Volume knob before connecting to power (hoping to Enter Set Mode)...
  5. NormB

    Topping D50 barrel connector SIZE

    Been all over the web on this one. OUTSIDE diameter of the 5 vdc connectors are definitely 5.5mm, but what’s the INSIDE/PIN diameter? 2.1, or 2.5mm? I’d like to order a “better” connector (like Oyaide from Ghent Audio) with a shielded cable instead of using the 20 gauge 2-lead zip cord...
  6. B

    [HELP] DAC help/recommendations for MMX 300 600Ω + Schiit Magni

    So, will try keep this as TLDR friendly as possible. In 2019 I bought a Schiit stack combo of Magni and Modi + the MMX 300 600Ω and couldn't get the Modi to work, even with a replacement they sent for me to try, whether it was powered by USB or Socket. I replaced it with a Topping D50 (not S)...
  7. B

    NAD 3020B as a headphone amplifier

    Hey, I'm currently using a vintage NAD 3020B as a headphone and speaker amplifier paired with a topping d10s, I have many pairs of headphones, my main pair being the hd 6xx. I feel like I could be sacrificing some sound quality using this unit as an amplifier for my headphones and was thinking...
  8. N

    Loud popping noises from Topping Pre90

    Hello everyone! I am a huge fan of this forum and many of my purchasing decisions were influenced by it - And so far, I am really happy! I usually stream to my MiniDSP SHD, connected to a Hypex nCore Amp via XLR and KEF R3, which works great. But sometimes, I like to listen to Vinyl. My...
  9. TOOdamnFRANK

    PC Gaming Setup / Gear

    What’s your endgame gear for PC Gaming? Im currently using a Topping D90SE DAC, Topping A90D Amp, Blue Yeti Pro Mic, & HD800S Headphones, but I’m always curious to try new headphones / potential upgrades. Anyone want to share their current setup or have any suggestions for something new to try...
  10. bsdinis

    Topping D10B turn off LCD?

    Is there a way to turn off the LCD on the Topping D10 Balanced? I found that disabling the "TOPPING USB DAC" device under "Topping USB Audio Devices" in Device Manager kinda works, the LCD will display 3 dashes for about 1 minute and then only a dot, not very practical and only useful when not...
  11. M

    DX3 pro: How to output to speakers?

    I have a topping DX3 pro - I've just used it to connect to my laptop via USB and then used the aux out on the front to connect it to headphones. Now I am getting a set of Kanto YU4 speakers which have RCA in and aux in on them. What's the bets way to connect the Kanto speakers to the DX 3 pro...
  12. T

    [FS][EU] Topping D90SE Black Mint

    For sale the highly-acclaimed desktop DAC Topping D90SE in mint condition with all accessories/original packaging. Bought in May 2022, original purchase invoice is available. Ships from Greece. Price: 599 Euros
  13. S

    Topping DX1 - Too Quiet (very low volume)

    Hi, I recently received Topping DX1. Today I connected it to my PC, installed the drivers (I'm using Windows 10). Then I connected headphones: Sennheiser PX 100-II (32 Ohms / 114 dB/mW) but the sound is weak compared to when connected directly to my PC (motherboard). For example, volume knob...
  14. S

    Choosing a right DAC for a newbie

    Hi, I'm new in this forum and I'm also new in the digital audio world. Can someone please help me to choose a suitable dac for me? I am currently using the Rotel a11 mkii (also have a Marantz pm5005) and Polk R200. I need a dac to listen music from my laptop and from my CD player. My whole focus...
  15. RF Air

    Topping Purchase from Amazon Problem?

    I purchased a Topping E70 DAC Preamp as a gift from Amazon using the "HiFI College" Retailer. The package was received yesterday which required an Authentication PIN for the driver. The package was in an Amazon plastic shipper with a Topping Box that was unsealed and accessible once it was...
  16. B

    FS: Topping D90 (non MQA) AKM4499 Black

    Like new Topping D90 DAC with the sought after flagship AKM chip that’s no longer made due to the fire at the AKM factory. This unit sounds amazing, tests nearly perfect . Includes box and all original accessories. I’ve always turned it off when not in use so the oled screen is pristine, low...
  17. A

    Major radio interference from Topping equipment

    Hi all, long-time lurker, first-time posting. I run a system heavily based on objective performance. Hypex amps, Topping A90D / D90LE etc. It's the D90LE that is giving me trouble. I have a DAB tuner in the system (I'm in the UK) and the D90LE seems to give off a huge amount of radio frequency...
  18. T

    [FS][EU] Topping A90 (Black)

    For sale the famous HP amp Topping A90 (black) in excellent condition with all accessories/original packaging. Bought from (purchase invoice will be included) Ships from Greece. Price: 350Euros
  19. Doggie

    Topping D10s strange and scary DSD static onset issue

    Hello all, proud owner of a new Topping L30 + D10s stack. Many thanks to everyone on this forum who test these units and helped me make an informed decision. I've been having a very concerning problem with my D10s that has seemingly just started related to DSD playback. On any DSD sample rate...
  20. mxlv900

    E30 stops detecting signal randomly

    Hi everyone, wish you guys are doing great. Setup: I use a topping E30 serial number 2012733085 plugged into my Windows 10 laptop via usb, using the latest topping drivers, version 5.20.0. My settings are the following: 32 bits, 512 samples, safe mode turned on. Issue: I noticed that very...
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