1. Alou

    F/S: Topping D10 black + VanDamme Pro silver OFC custom cables for Sale

    Hello for sale is a Topping D10 black used for a secondary setup in my office ,limited use. All papers ,box ,USB cable are intact. Also a pair of VanDamme Pro silver OFC plated custom cables 0.75m just right to connect to amp or preamp. (a 30 Euros value). Sale Price is 60 euros PP fees included...
  2. Z

    Best DAC

    Hello, I am building an inexpensive system for listening to music from a PC. The question is what is better to take as a DAC. Right now I'm using the ifi Zen DAC, but it's too weak as an amplifier, and also produces a small but still noticeable noise at high volume when connected to an...
  3. K

    Why expensive integrated amplifiers better than Topping...?

    So... as you know Topping la90 came out and in my brain born new question why expensive amplifiers are expensive? For what people are paying so much???Why should I buy mark levinson digital amp for 200000 czk instead of topping combo for about 30000 czk?
  4. C

    Deactivating DSP

    Hey, I just ordered a Topping D10's for my Topping L30. I have heard that my Asus b350-f gaming has DSP on as default, but I don't know how to deactivate it. Would be nice if someone has a tutorial for it, because I couldn't find one on google.
  5. C

    Best DAC to use with Topping L30

    I am pretty confused about which DAC to buy for my Topping L30 amp. My only requirements are that it is as good as possible, has to be available in Europe, and it has to cost under $250. Is gonna be used with my Hifiman Sundara's.
  6. S

    Topping D30Pro switched ON with Error "Err.2"

    Hello, When switched ON, my D30Pro's screen is displaying "Err.2" "Er.2" and freeze in this state. It is no longer usable at all. I tested to unplug every thing (except the power cable of course), but the error remains. Any thought ? I opened this new thread because I found that the other...
  7. C

    Looking to buy my first DAC

    Edit: Deleted the part with Topping D10 balanced. I just got the Topping L30 which I really enjoy. I was wondering if there is an audible difference between my ASUS b350-f gaming motherboard DAC and a decent DAC. I also want to know how to connect them together? I only own an RCA to RCA. My max...
  8. I

    Topping or JDS Labs - Longevity?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a DAC+AMP combo for DT1990Pro or HD660S (I'm not sure which one I'll keep). After reading some posts and measurements here and on reddit, I think DX3Pro+ from Topping or Element III from JDS Labs might be right for me. I want to use this set for at least 5 years...
  9. R

    WTB: Topping DX3pro+ (EU)

    Hi Looking to buy Topping DX3pro+ in EU. Should be in good condition. Post pics of the unit. Renno
  10. T

    Topping DX3 Pro+ vs Ifi Zen Dac V2

    Hello everyone! I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (250Ohm) and in search of a good Dac/amp or a Dac + Amp Combo with a maximum budget of around 200€. From what I found the Topping DX3 Pro + and Ifi Zen Dac V2 are the best choices, but now which one should i choose, and why? If you have...
  11. Bling Guy McSqueezy

    Asgard 3 paired with Modius / Modi / Chinese DAC?

    Hi friends, a few days ago I received my first quality headphones - 6xx. I am considering purchasing Asgard 3 + Modius but want to ask if Modi 3 will do the job too? The headphones are currently connected to the Asus TUF X570 GAMING motherboard with the Realtek A1200, and it sounds pretty...
  12. J

    **SOLD** FS: Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier (Black)

    Purchased new from Apos Audio a few months ago. Plenty of power for anything you have and dead quiet with any of my IEM's. Comes with original box, 3.5mm adapter and power cable. 400$ shipped to CONUS PM for any questions side note: if you use Hart Audio Cables I have a 4.4mm 90' (in picture)...
  13. L

    dac/amp comb for hd660s and r200

    Hey guys I have purchased hd660s recently and I’m going to buy Polk r200 or focal 806 in a month. Actually I have no Dac/amp at all and I just have few questions. 1. Is balanced dac and 4.4mm out make any sense regardless of power. 2. Is pro-I mini3 great enough or any other cheaper options...
  14. N

    need a solid phono preamp for a SL-1200MK7

    I’m quite new to the audiophile realm and the amount of knowledge you guys have is truly admirable. It’s precisely why I decided to start a thread, I want to exercise as much restraint as possible when considering purchasing a phono preamp or whatever is required in order to utilize my current...
  15. dominikz

    DAC ABX Test Phase 1: Does a SOTA DAC sound the same as a budget DAC if proper controls are put in place? Spoiler: Probably yes. :)

    This thread is meant to once and for all settle the age-old question on whether different non-broken DACs have a "sound" or if all DACs sound the same! :cool: ...just kidding - those debates will probably never end. :p Let me start by providing the link to the ABX test. Note: There are 16...
  16. R

    Topping DX7s does not have output

    Am having similar problems as gab described in Driving bookshelf speakers from topping dx7s: My Topping DX7s seems fully functioning, except that I don't get output on the XLR channels. Did not change anything, one day it worked, and the next day it did not. No power outages have happened in...
  17. S

    Topping D30 Pro - (ERROR) Can't open anymore :(

    I bought a Topping D30 Pro and one night i want to open it but it shows me error code!!! Has anyone encountered this type of problem? I wrote to the topping service e-mail ([email protected]) but no response yet.
  18. Jaimo

    Amazon Music to Mac Mini will not play above 24/48kHz - any trouble shooting tips?

    Hello Folks, I am considering cancelling my Tidal/Roon subscription and switching to Amazon Music UHD but can’t seem to get Amazon to play at bit rates higher than 24/48. I using an older Mac-Mini on MacOS Mojave feeding a Topping ES5 via USB. Roon has no issues with playing back at rates up...
  19. slurp

    FS: Topping D90 (AKM MQA) [US]

    Like new, in pristine condition. AK4499 chip. Includes remote, Bluetooth antenna, manual, power cable, and factory packaging. Asking $700. Ships free to lower 48.
  20. A

    SOLD!!!: [EU]: Topping D90 AKM AK4499 (non-MQA) as new:SOLD!!!

    For sale Topping D90 DAC - AK4499 non-MQA version. Barely used - open box, practically as new. Asking price 620 EUR + shipping, please contact me for a shipping quote (will ship to Europe only). Price is firm and I am not interested in trades.
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