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Future DAC/HD AMP upgrade


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Aug 17, 2019
Iquique, Chile
I'll post it here, as they are both: a DAC and a H.D. amp.

I'm thinking on a future upgrade from E50+L50 to a DX9 or D70+A70 ("pro" ones), or something else.

Price difference is $99 or less.

The E50/L50 is amazing, had several and another pair of those on the way this week. I've made a stack for a client with the A70Pro/D70Pro Octo and it's fantastic, but not a great value compared to how great the E50/L50 sounds. I've had the DX series and certain the DX9 will not disappoint, just down to form factor where it's going vs. the stack. If money is a concern in any way, the E50/L50 hands down. I have the Hifiman HE6se and if that's your white whale, on the A70Pro with a 5 volt DAC it takes -17db in high gain to get them loud. Equalize with a preamp reduction and a quiet recording, and you'll be glad you got the extra power.
I see. I was looking for an 100% balanced stuff, then I think I'll upgrade my headphones first, actually I have my trusty/almost-legendary HD650. Was looking at HD800S, but I don't know if is really worth the price, I know they are made to last, but other than that, I can't believe it will sounds 4x better than HD650. After all, is $295 vs $1250.
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