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  1. L

    Preamp with nice volume knob for Hifi & Multichannel Purifi Setup

    Hey all, At the moment I have a Denon X3700 as Preamp, which for the long time fed a Yamaha MX-1 with Dynaudio Evoke 50s, recently joined by the Evoke Center and the Dynaudio Sub 6. Long time lurking and reading led me to upgrade the MX-1 to a Boxem Arthur 4215/E2 which arrived today and is a...
  2. E

    SOLD!!!: Paradigm PW Link streamer pre-amp ARC room correction

    Longtime ASR lurker here -- couldn't live without the great reviews and community advice -- but first-time seller, though I have feedback on other sites and forums. This is a fully featured digital streamer and preamplifer with Anthem ARC room correction built in. You can stream via the app...
  3. L

    Do I Need a Better Preamp or Source Selector?

    I'm a new member of this forum, but I've been reading the posts here for a while. However, I haven't been able to find the right guidance, or perhaps I don't know where to look for what I might need. First, a little background about me. I am an older woman whose husband passed away several...
  4. orchardaudio

    PecanPi® DAC / Streamer Rev 3.0

    I am proud to announce the release of Rev 3.0 of my award winning PecanPi® product line. The PecanPi Streamer is a networked music player with build-in DAC and headphone amplifier. The PecanPi DAC is high-performance DAC for the RaspberryPi and Tinker Board, this is for DIYer...
  5. slurp

    FS: NAD C658 [US]

    Original owner, purchased 5/21. In perfect working order and still under warranty. Asking $1,500 and shipping is free within the lower 48.
  6. Thesoundof

    Bluesound Powernode N330

    ATM.trialing the Bluesound Powernode N330 and as a consequence dropped into armirm's thread of the Bluesound NODE "2021" and came to wonder if the DAC in the N330 performs as flawed as in the Node, since both consist of PCM5343 I assume it would be the case. Can someone test the performance of...
  7. I

    Looking for a pre-amp one stop to go with March audio Power (252 probably)

    Hi all, I've had an Electrocompaniet ECI-3, a Rotel RCD-991 and Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKii speakers since 2000 and it's all worked pretty well for what I've listened to (mostly progressive house, rock and singer-songwriter). However, I've always found that perhaps the amp had a little too little...
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