1. CJG

    Inside of an SPL Phonitor SE (DAC768xs) Headphone AMP

    Just a few interior shots of my beloved SPL Phonitor SE reference headphone amp and DAC768xs.
  2. elshaddai

    White vs Pink? A vs C? What to use for level balancing?

    First things first - I don't have a frequency test mic/software, so I'm just using a mobile app to analyze the SPL in my room. Goal is to generally balance my subwoofer output level with the levels from my speakers in a way that is objectively more meaningful than "it sounds good". Audio flow...
  3. R

    Do room acoustics influence sound that leaks to neighbors?

    In a hypothectical case, say you have a room that has certain room acoustics. Will the sound spectrum that leaks to your neighbors be impact by the room? If there is a resonance at 60 Hz, for example, would the sound on the other side of the wall have this same peak? Or is the sound that leaks...
  4. R

    How to measure / interpret volume attenuation to neighbors

    I've moved into a new place and will set up a home cinema room. I want to make sure we don't disturb the neighbors and they are willing to let me do some measurements. Before I do this, I want to make sure I'm measuring the correct thing. My current plan is to generate pink noise at sufficient...
  5. Cousin Mose

    How does bandwidth affect a driver's max SPL?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. In an interview at Erin's Audio Corner, Purifi co-founder Lars Risbo mentioned that a driver playing a narrow passband can generally produce higher SPL than the same driver playing a wider part of the spectrum. If this is true, there must be some...
  6. voodooless

    Home Theatre surround speaker SPL requirements

    This is a question that comes up a lot: how loud must those surround speakers go compared to the fronts? While it's very tempting to just have all speakers of the same model, it is often impractical and economically undesirable. So what gives? What can you get away with? Instinctively, my...
  7. xnor

    Safe listening levels and headphone voltage/power requirements

    Heya, there's a couple of threads asking about safe listening levels and people asking about voltage/power requirements in almost any amp/headphone thread. Here's my take on this: Noise Exposure Limits The EPA and WHO recommend that noise should be kept below 70 dBA over 24 hours and below 75...
  8. digitalfrost

    Any mobile SPL warners / alternative to Apple watch?

    I was in a loud environment and sadly didn't leave soon enough so now I'm having some problems. I saw that the apple watch can warn of those things: But I'm not an Apple user and I don't want to start. Are there any cheaper alternatives? Maybe something you can connect to your keychain and...
  9. PaperBoat


    Is 2Vrms enough to achieve the maximum SPL when using the -10dBV input of JBL 305p MKii? +6dBV = 1.995Vrms?
  10. U

    SPL meter with built-in calibrator?

    Hi, The PeakTech P5055 SPL Meter has some kind of "internal calibration system (1 kHz sine wave generator)". Its manual contains the instruction: "Carefully adjust the sensitivity adjuster (8) with screw driver, until the display read within '94,0 +/- 0,2' dB". Normally microphones are inserted...
  11. kflw935641

    How much SPL do I need, how loud are bars and parties

    Hey, I have seen the usual lists like https://www.hearingconservation.org/assets/Decibel.pdf about how loud various sounds are. But I'm having a hard time to understand how loud music would be with those numbers. What I'd really love to see is a table showing the SPL levels for music...
  12. Graph Feppar

    Sennheiser CX True Wireless Plus... Does it hiss?

    I am looking at the newest Sennheiser bluetooth IEM with long ass name you see in the title. Does it still have the low maximum volume and hissing noise problem like the older Momentum 2? For those of you who dont know, Sennheiser made great wireless earbuds in 2018 called Momentum True...
  13. stevenswall

    What does "Dynamic" Mean To You?

    Do speakers generally act as a dynamic range compressor when operating well within their limits? Do some act as dynamic range expanders? Is high SPL an indicator of what sounds more dynamic? Even when not approaching limits? Most forums seem to have people who describe dynamics is a term...
  14. D

    Active Crossover Solutions / Feedback / Recommendations

    Closed - looking at Octo Research dac8 PRO, paired w. Roon + Convolution or MiniDSP.
  15. Justin Ayers

    Dubious about SPL used by objective testers

    link I am dubious about at least one aspect of this methodology. For consistency, all speakers should have the lower-decibel chart in their review. Leaving it up to humans to decide, subjectively, if "it appears that the speaker is being strained beyond its output abilities at this level"...
  16. Ray Girard

    Stumped by zero. (newby question..Beware!)

    Greetings, I find myself being continually confused by the '0' point on the spectrum, being both the loudest and the quietest point. I've read numerous accounts but the differentiation is just not dealt with. ( I know, ..I've obviously missed some concept.) Example: "Peak exceeds...
  17. amirm

    CES 2017: IsoAcoustics, Cocktail Audio, SPL, Focal

    More in the family of Audio Plus Services. I like the IsoAcoustic folks. They have a stand that lets the speaker go back and forth but not side to side. It is "reasonably priced." When I walked they were just finishing setting up an AB test of with and without the above stand: This SPL...
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