1. dualazmak

    Apparent power consumption of whole audio system during daily audio listening sessions: how SDGs-friendly is it? (not the idle power, please.)

    Now that I believe I have (almost) completed the setup of my PC-DSP-based multichannel multi-SP-driver multi-amplifier fully active audio system (ref. here #774 on my project thread), today I measured apparent power consumption of the whole audio system during my routine/daily music listening...
  2. teched58

    Stereophile's Jim Austin Says Streaming Atmos Sucks

    Stereophile Editor-in-Chief Jim Austin has a new As We See It column, entitled Dolby Atmos: A Bleak Shadow? Here, Austin is continuing his one-man crusade against Atmos as it's currently streamed by Apple Music. (To be clear, Austin is criticizing "lossy" Atmos as streamed. Not lossless Atmos...
  3. teched58

    New Year's 2024 Audiophile resolutions

    It's that time of year again! I've been thinking about what I'd like to do audio-wise in 2024 and was wondering what others in the ASR community are thinking about. Here are my three "resolutions": 1) Try some cheap schiiiit In 2024, I plan to finally take the low-cost plunge and get a Class...
  4. OfficialChill

    Is there any way for me to do multichannel with DSP for cheap? Currently use CamillaDSP for 2.0

    So I have made some progress since my last thread here: My current setup is Apple TV 4K (mainly for Plex and YouTube) --> LG C3 optical out -->...
  5. Dogen

    Play multichannel FLAC files on my AVR

    Hi folks! I’m putting together a little 5.1 system in our bedroom, and would like to be able to play multichannel FLAC files on a hard drive through my Denon s760h AVR. I do this easily in my main system with an Oppo BluRay player, using usb from the drive to the Oppo and HDMI out to the AVR...
  6. juliangst

    Can a center channel improve stereo music?

    While planning my surround sound setup I got stuck at the questions if I want to get add a center channel or not. For movies and native surround music like Dolby Atmos music a center channel makes absolutely sense because there is native content mixed to that channel. But most of my music still...
  7. Kal Rubinson

    SOLD!!!: Coleman SR5.1 MkII Surround Level Control

    This is a 5.1 channel stepped volume control (47 steps, claimed 0.05dB accuracy) with balance inputs (XLR/TRS) and balanced outputs (XLR). It also has individual channel input muting and fold-downs to mono or stereo. It also has level trim controls for each channel although these are unmarked...
  8. Kal Rubinson

    FOR SALE: NAD M28 7-Channel "Purifi" Power Amplifier.

    Asking $4000 plus shipping (from NYC) and, if relevant, PayPal fee. Local p/u by arrangement. Excellent condition (As-New except for dust). Purchased in August 2020, has worked flawlessly but now surplus to my needs. In original double box and includes accessories: Two detachable AC power cords...
  9. R

    How to TV->PC(Dirac)->DAC->Amp?

    Hello there, I have been struggling with how to add DSP to my current setup. I was hoping to receive some help brainstorming. Current Hardware: LG CX TV Minidsp 2x4HD Umik1 Old Yamaha receiver RXV2500 PC 7.2 speakers Plan: I would like to get TV earc audio to PC where I would like to run Dirac...
  10. J

    Favorite Surround Sound TV/Film

    It’s been slow, but I’m inching closer to finishing my multichannel setup. I’m really looking forward to Atmos music and hearing how up-mixing stereo music with Auro-3D will be. In the end, it’s all about the experience. On the video side, I’m curious what the community thinks really impresses...
  11. D

    F/S: Okto Research DAC8 Pro

    Selling my Okto Research DAC8 Pro, as I have downsized / simplified my setup and moved to a pair of Kef LS60s. The unit has a black faceplate, and it has a custom output voltage of 3.9v RMS (default is 4.1), to allow for direct pairing with amplifiers set for ~4v input signal without the...
  12. Matias

    Apollon NCMP6200 multichannel NCore MP amplifier

    Just received this beauty today! I am very happy! :) Based on Hypex NCore MP modules and Modushop case just like I wanted. 2 x NC502MP + 1 x NC252MP = 4 x 500W + 2 x 250W in 4 ohms. @Apollon Audio congrats on another beautiful amplifier.
  13. Pinox67

    Anthem AVM60 Review (a second test)

    Intrigued by Amirm's review of Anthem AVM60 A/V processor and having one unit available, I tried my hand at making quickly some measurements, to see where they fit together or not. I state that these results are very good, even if they are obtained in a less stressful situation. Amirm’s...
  14. MediumRare

    Best affordable power amp? Is Monoprice Unity 450w a good candidate?

    I need to buy three zones (so six channels, total) of clean power, at least 100 WPC into 8 ohms . The Monoprice Unity amp is 150 WPC into 8 ohms and is priced at $125 per channel. Does anybody know what modules it uses and/or legit specs? Are there...
  15. Olli

    Bi-amping and Audiolense/REQ

    I am currently using Audiolense as a REQ software for integrating subs with mains. I am using Roon‘s convolution engine for applying the generated filters. I have booksheld 3 way speakers TAD CE-1 with bi-wiring terminals. Question: Can I use 2 different amps (eg a Nagra Classic Amp for mid...
  16. Biblob

    360 Reality Audio - New format by Sony

    So at CES 2019, Sony introduced a supposedly new format for implementing object-based audio in to a proprietary format. It should make every headphone (and speakers??) able to reproduce a "realistic" soundstage etc. Sony's own page A news article about this giving some more explanation Could...
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