1. S

    Kali Audio LP-6 6.5" or JBL 308p MkII 8"?

    I'm conflicted between these active monitors for a few reasons.. 1. The LP6's are currently listed for $149 each which are an amazing price for 6.5" monitors, however the 308's are listed at $135 on amazon which is unbeliEvable since I could have a pair of good 8" monitors for $270 2. I...
  2. pozz

    Lecture Compilation

    Roughly sorted according to theme, and chosen because I think they're worth listening to. The difficulty ranges from introductory to real heavy. Part of the way I dive into a topic is to find lectures by knowledgeable people and then build archives. So maybe others will find this useful as...
  3. M

    DX3 Pro - How is this possible?!

    I just spent an hour with my new DX3 Pro. Holy crap!! Low Gain mode... WOW! I've been using my Apogee Ensemble (the newer Thunderbolt version) for a couple years and assumed it was EXACTLY how my OPPO PM-3's + upgraded cable are supposed to sound. It's a $2,500 interface with presumably amazing...
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