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  1. T

    Wiim Pro Plus questions before purchase

    I am considering buying a Pro Plus. I have iPhone 15 and Apple Music subscription. What will the audio quality be, if I use Airplay and the quality is set to lossless in settings? Will it be AAC 256? also How do I connect my iPhone 15 (USB-C) to the Pro Plus with a cable in order to utilize the...
  2. B

    Lossless stream with an iPhone (apple music)?

    Hi! I was wondering if using the apple camera lightning kit (lightning -> usb) to connect my iPhone directly to my DAC would result in lossless audio? And do you think it's a good solution? (I don't really care having to connect the cable each time I want to listen to music...) I'm currently...
  3. Svperstar

    People who switched your library from MP3 to FLAC how did you go about doing it?

    EDIT: You don't need to reply and tell me you cannot "convert" and MP3 into FLAC and get back the lost audio. I am aware of that. I said "convert" when I should have said "replace". As in replace by downloading. So I have been building my MP3 library since I got my first PC in 1996. I started...
  4. H

    Media Server with iOS/Android remote that can cast to Chromecast without transcoding

    Is there a media server that can serve FLAC (24bit 96khz max resolution) to a Chromecast without transcoding. I have tried PLEX and it transcodes audio to mp3 or m4a. There should be a remote to browse the media on a phone/ipad and should be able to cast to Chromecast.
  5. L

    This might be a silly question however will the DAC improve the overall audio of my PC?

    For example a song from youtube or an MP3 file etc OR is it only FLAC files? Does the D50S have specs that are good enough to pair with a high end system with an amplifier? Currently my speakers are the Audioengine A5+ which has an inbuilt amp. Thanks for the help! ☺️
  6. amirm

    Bits and Bytes of Audio/Video Formats

    This is an article I wrote in 2011. It is basic information but very important to know as it is at the heart of digital audio and video. Understanding Audio/Video Rates By Amir Majidimehr Get ready to learn the most fundamental concept in audio/video which sadly, most people don’t understand...
  7. amirm

    Lossless Audio Compression

    Lossless Audio Compression By Amir Majidimehr This article is about the basics of lossless audio compression. Before we get into this topic, let’s first look at what uncompressed audio looks like. Here, we are talking about digital samples that are N number of bits wide, X number of channels...
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