1. ENDzZ

    Seek for KRK Monitor Self-Generated Noise Help and Subwoofer Recommendation

    Have met two problems with my home studio monitors, hope somebody can help me out, thanks: 1. The self-generated noise level of my pair of KRK ROKIT 8 G4 is really high. It was so loud that I could hear the noise from the whole room, and couldn't sleep. Have Anyone met the same problem with me...
  2. Arion

    Edifier S730 - Ringing sound issue

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. :) I am having an rining/humming/noise issue with my Edifier s730 subwoofer. I have attached an audio file with the noise I hear (recorded it with a cheap shotgun mic and newbie cleaned it up in audacity to hear it better) and some pictures of the...
  3. S

    Audio technica r70x clicking when bass

    I have this weird issue on my r70x on loud volume I hear like a click when a bass drum hits. The thing is if I tilt my head sideways its not there even at the same volume. What could this be?
  4. mxlv900

    E30 stops detecting signal randomly

    Hi everyone, wish you guys are doing great. Setup: I use a topping E30 serial number 2012733085 plugged into my Windows 10 laptop via usb, using the latest topping drivers, version 5.20.0. My settings are the following: 32 bits, 512 samples, safe mode turned on. Issue: I noticed that very...
  5. S

    Topping D30 Pro - (ERROR) Can't open anymore :(

    I bought a Topping D30 Pro and one night i want to open it but it shows me error code!!! Has anyone encountered this type of problem? I wrote to the topping service e-mail ([email protected]) but no response yet.
  6. Vict0r

    Subwoofer buzzing, but silent when (disconnected) AVR & TV turn off??

    Hey guys, I think I have a power issue in my cinema room. I recently hooked up a second BK XLS200 Mk2 subwoofer but I'm bumping into something I can't yet wrap my head around. I hope this is the right place to ask for advice and learn. :) Thanks in advance! The new subwoofer I added has a...
  7. W

    SMSL M400 and SMSL SP200 a good combo?

    Hello everyone, Firstly i'd like to say i am an avid reader of the forum but in no way an expert, in fact i am probably a n00b. now i've got that out the way here is my questions. Gear: SMSL SP200 (RCA In ) SMSL M400 (RCA out) (Optical in) Audio Engine D1 (superseded) Sebaj PHA-2 (superseded)...
  8. J

    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro - Possible issue with XLR plug

    Hi everyone, I recently bought DT 1990 Pro (Beyerdynamic) and I'm very pleased with how they sound. But today I just noticed that the mini XLR plug in the left cup is a bit loose. With that I mean that it's not completely fixed but it rotates a bit in both directions whenever I move the XLR...
  9. S

    Good AMP to Pair with the Topping D50?

    Like the title says, I'm trying to replace my Schiit jotunheim with topping d50 + a new amp. When I turn it to RCA and touch the volume knob I hear noise. I believe I have one of those ******... I mean Schiit jotunheims that have an ungrounded chassis. I need to send it in. I won't have a system...
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