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  1. B

    Help me interpret the unusual HP amp specs of my audio interface

    Heya! I own an interface called the Discrete 4 Synergy Core (non-Pro version) by Antelope Audio. I recently upgraded my headphones (to Hifiman Ananda Stealth V3) and I'm trying to figure out whether these headphones are getting used to their full potential or whether they're not getting amped...
  2. CJG

    Interior of a Rupert Neve RNHP

    Just an interior shot of an RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier.
  3. J

    Topping DX3 pro + and Sennheiser HD 600 Hi-gain vs Low-gain.

    Hey all, First post here. Fairly new to the hobby. A few months ago I upgraded from a Creative Sound Blasterx G6 with a pair of Beyer DT 900 pro X (48ohm) to a Topping DX3 pro + with a pair of Sennheiser HD 600 (300 ohm). Whenever I read discussions regarding Hi-gain vs Low-gain settings on...
  4. I

    Interface to DX3 Pro+?

    I have a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 4th gen. It's clean and has a fair amount of power but I want smoother mids to highs, wider soundstage and more full bass. I was thinking of connecting an amp to output 3-4 on my Scarlett. Any DX3 Pro+ users with a similar setup? Do I simply get 1/4 to coax...
  5. lkanies

    Best headphone amplifier for multiple users?

    Hi all, I need a headphone amplifier for my desk. The headphones are DCA Aeon Noire, so the amp needs to be pretty powerful. The wrinkle is that others often use my desk (for calls, video games, etc.). So, ease of use -- and ease of switching between headphones and speakers -- is important. I...
  6. S

    Audio Interface for IEMs, Dynamic Mic, and Speakers

    Hi everyone, I am using a PC and fairly new to the audio world, still learning about how things work, though I have invested my money for some gear like a dynamic mic (maono pd400x), speakers (presonus eris 4.5), and planning to buy a decent IEM (Truthear Hexa) for gaming and listening to music...
  7. B

    NAD 3020B as a headphone amplifier

    Hey, I'm currently using a vintage NAD 3020B as a headphone and speaker amplifier paired with a topping d10s, I have many pairs of headphones, my main pair being the hd 6xx. I feel like I could be sacrificing some sound quality using this unit as an amplifier for my headphones and was thinking...
  8. bsdinis

    FM radio interference on DAC + headphone amp stack

    I am using a Topping D10 Balanced with a Sabaj A20h and I just found something really weird, I am picking up FM radio interference but only on 3 separate volume spectrums, between -99dB and -85dB, between -3dB and -1dB, and at 0dB. Between -99dB and -85dB is the strongest, I can no longer hear...
  9. M

    New MP3 player of amp for headphones ?

    Hi everyone The jack input of my Fiio Mark 3 being broken, I've been thinking about buying a new player (Sony NW A105 or Hiby R3 Pro Saber), but after reading different articles (some of them contradictory) I'm now wondering about the usefulness of a headphone amp (this one actually ...
  10. R

    Fosi Audio K5 Pro Mini Stereo Gaming DAC Test

    Fosi Audio K5 Pro Mini Stereo Gaming DAC Review Fosi Audio K5 Pro is a headphone amplifier for high quality music transfer from PC (Playstation, etc.) to headphones or active speakers. It can be easily connected to the PC via USB (A or C). Furthermore it can be used as a DAC on a Hi-Fi system...
  11. N

    Building a perfect headphone system.

    Hello fellow ASR members, I'm looking for advice with respect to building a headphone system. Although my Activo DAP sounds good, I want to build a "reference" headphone system so I can easily quantify (at least subjectively) different headphones as I buy more in the future, based on perceived...
  12. S

    Multiple input Bluetooth mixer, headphone amplifier, microphone amplifier, USB, iphone, Android, computer.

    Not sure what is the best category to post this query. I have a Samsung Android phone, iPhone and laptop. I would like a mixer unit which could connect with all three units simultaneously via Bluetooth or wired connection for processing at least audio output from the three units, but...
  13. orchardaudio

    PecanPi® DAC / Streamer Rev 3.0

    I am proud to announce the release of Rev 3.0 of my award winning PecanPi® product line. The PecanPi Streamer is a networked music player with build-in DAC and headphone amplifier. The PecanPi DAC is high-performance DAC for the RaspberryPi and Tinker Board, this is for DIYer...
  14. J

    **SOLD** FS: Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier (Black)

    Purchased new from Apos Audio a few months ago. Plenty of power for anything you have and dead quiet with any of my IEM's. Comes with original box, 3.5mm adapter and power cable. 400$ shipped to CONUS PM for any questions side note: if you use Hart Audio Cables I have a 4.4mm 90' (in picture)...
  15. S

    Headphone amp smells like burning plastic with random rely clicks

    My Stax amp was just set up today. I noticed it smells a bit like burning plastic when smelling really close up, like nose on the metal close. It sounds all right but I do get some rely activation clicks, maybe like five times per hour, totally random. The weird thing is it clicks even when...
  16. FirstLegion

    Geshelli Labs Erish2 (E2) Almost Here!

    ERISH2 Product Page As @amirm and others have confirmed, the Archel 2.5 stands as one at the top of the heap for affordable headphone amplifiers. Then came the Erish (which I own)...Geshelli Labs proclaims to be even better. After beta testing the hand soldered Erish2 (E2), (production units...
  17. P

    Suggestions for configuration hi res / vinyl

    Hey. Probably a stupid question but... Wanted some suggestions for devices to setup my main sources for music listening. I own a pro-ject E turntable connected to a pro-ject phono box MM/MC. For now it's connected to my AV receiver, which o hate the sound from it. The other device I have is a...
  18. M

    Headphone impedance and amp load

    Hello everyone, I recently ran into a question I had in regards to headphone power and amp load. I purchased a Singxer SA-1 after I saw so many glowing reviews about this amplifier and based on what I gather in this forum the class A spec is as below: SA-1's Class A model: Balanced 16 ohm...
  19. KeithPhantom

    FS: Topping A50s (USA)

    I am selling my faithful Topping A50s since I moved to a wireless chain and don’t really need the amplifier. The amplifier has never failed and it is in great condition. PM me for more details; pictures attached below. The starting price is $70 + $15 of shipping.
  20. mxlv900

    Looking for a headphone amp around 200

    Hi, I'm looking to get a headphone amp to use with my Topping E30. My max budget is around 200 USD. Right now, I have Audio-Technica M40x in my possession as well as the KZ Z10s Pro iems. I'm also looking forward to buying other pairs of headphones in the future like the Sennheiser 6xx and I'd...
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