dolby atmos

  1. voodooless

    Home Theatre surround speaker SPL requirements

    This is a question that comes up a lot: how loud must those surround speakers go compared to the fronts? While it's very tempting to just have all speakers of the same model, it is often impractical and economically undesirable. So what gives? What can you get away with? Instinctively, my...
  2. J

    Brand match front with surround and height?

    Community, Looking for some advise. Currently have three KEF R3s for LCR. I’m trying to budget for additional speakers. Two rear surrounds and four height speakers for the “unified layout”. Auro for music up-mixing and Atmos movies/music all via AppleTV. How important is brand matching? Three...
  3. DownUnderGazza

    DIY Surround Pre-Pro: Apple Logic Pro + Dolby Atmos

    TL, DR; What if we could configure Apple’s Logic Pro to be your Surround Preamp-Processor (including up/down mixing); Control input selection and output levels via Focusrite’s Rednet R1 controller; and Send the input/output channels wherever you need via Dante? PREAMBLE We all are very aware...
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