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  1. H

    JBL 306p mk2’s for sale

    For sale is a pair of JBL 306p mk2’s in good condition except for some minor cosmetic imperfection in the speaker wraps as shown. Local sale in the Charlotte, NC vicinity preferred as I don’t have the original boxes anymore. I can drive to 50 miles of 28277 to deliver them. Price for the pair...
  2. D

    Alternatives to Elac DBR62

    Hey everyone, looking for some advice: i'm looking for a new pair of speakers for my desktop and was hoping you guys could recommend some speakers. However I am looking for alternatives to the dbr62 (have a ht, so i have 4 pairs of them and i love them, but i want something different looking)...
  3. G

    Recommendations for active near field speakers

    Hello! I have Focal Shape Twins with Burson Composer Dac\Preamp for my desktop setup for music, gaming and movies. So wanted to ask, what would be the logical upgrade for active near field speakers\monitors for the same application. Focal Trio6 BE? Focal Trio11 BE? Or they are better for studio...
  4. Vict0r

    $499 Shanling JET1 4.5" desktop speaker (2021) looks stylish

    I remember reading here about an older pair of Shanling speakers, the S2's. The people that actually ordered them were very satisfied, it seemed. I always had my eye on Shanling products after having some decent experiences with their line of DAPs. Anyway, they just announced a new pair of...
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