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  1. C

    Best cheap DAC/Headphone Amp for classical music

    Hello everyone, Noob here. I would like to listen to good source material (high resolution FLACs, etc) on my AKG K612 Pro headphones. Music genre is wide range classical from rumbling low church organ to high pitch violin. It is important to me to get the sound as close as possible to master...
  2. Katji

    "Visit Qobuz for 50% off the entire Naxos label – sale ends June 5th"
  3. Xulonn

    Current music from and about Ukraine and its people- no politics, please.

    My inspiration for starting this thread is a clip of a classical orchestral music performance that was posted on YouTube today with this description: If you are a classical music lover, and wish to support these musicians, here is a LINK...
  4. T

    Free classical app for Spotify

    Hi everyone, Tempso is a free classical music app integrated with Spotify: We are excited to announce we just added over 200 classical composers to Tempso! You can now listen to over 1 million classical tracks, from medieval chants to contemporary minimalist music. No...
  5. ahofer

    But have the cows tried a high quality stereo as an alternative?

    Lovely article in the NY Times about live chamber music for cows. “They come over, and they have preferences”.
  6. T

    Free classical app for Spotify users

    Hello everyone, My friends and I created the first classical music app integrated with Spotify: You can browse, search, listen and compare more than 100,000 classical recordings for free if you have a Spotify account. No need to pay for two music apps anymore! Tempso is...
  7. baoshan

    Introducing Tonal – A Minimalist Music App for Collectors and Audiophiles

    Hello, members of ASR! We’re looking for some pilot users for a new service. If you’re a music collector or audiophile with a Mac computer, I believe our new solution Tonal will bring you a better music experience. Tonal is a minimalist music app for collectors and audiophiles. With Tonal...
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