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  1. C

    Looking for my first streamer

    Hey, I am considering buying a pair of Genelec 8030C as my first quality speakers but i want to be able to stream to it. So i wonder whats the best solution is for a streamer Max budget $150.
  2. DTTOM37

    The Audio Pro Link 2 streamer - Any experiences and impressions available?

    Hello all , here’s one request for the swarm intelligence. I have noticed the Swedish- Chinese Audio Pro Link 2 alternative to the WIIM Pro streamer in the WIIM pro thread. I’ve seen it touched briefly as well in DARKO’s year’s end product portfolio achieving visibly less enthusiasm than the...
  3. E

    SOLD!!!: Paradigm PW Link streamer pre-amp ARC room correction

    Longtime ASR lurker here -- couldn't live without the great reviews and community advice -- but first-time seller, though I have feedback on other sites and forums. This is a fully featured digital streamer and preamplifer with Anthem ARC room correction built in. You can stream via the app...
  4. Thesoundof

    Bluesound Powernode N330

    ATM.trialing the Bluesound Powernode N330 and as a consequence dropped into armirm's thread of the Bluesound NODE "2021" and came to wonder if the DAC in the N330 performs as flawed as in the Node, since both consist of PCM5343 I assume it would be the case. Can someone test the performance of...
  5. G

    Building a streamer amplifier using TAS3251EVM + raspberry Pi

    Hello audio experts, Lovely to join this group! Kudos to @amirm for putting together this excellent website. Certainly an audio nerds' paradise! While there are innumerable off the shelf options out there for streamers, I still have a bug to build my own with what I think is a very promising...
  6. T

    Amp/DAC/Streamer - Value Priced

    Hello, I am a new member looking for some advice. Have a DIY new pair of HIVI/Swans 2.2A speakers and now need a small system to power them (sub $750 - less is best). The room size is about 20 feet square. I will be mostly wifi streaming music, using Bluetooth or connecting a USB SSD with Flac...
  7. Rocky2019

    Is there an app that makes an iOS device act as an airplay receiver?

    I have got a Lighting to USB 3 Camera Adapter with a used iPhone and a USB DAC. After connecting them like the picture below it works fine, the iphone works as a music source. I'm wondering if there is an app that can turn the iphone into an Airplay receiver? I will be happy if this works.
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