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    Do you know English?

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    Do you know English?

    so when I asked these questions to a French ex-colleague who had lived in Sweden for 10 yrs, and was married to a Swedish lady, he answered that he thought in Swedish but counted in French. Similarly, my wife is Bulgarian, thinks in both English and Bulgarian, but counts in Bulgarian.
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    FS - Parasound A21

    still, still available
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    Do you know English?

    Two of the most interesting questions I ask people who are bi/multi-lingual, and whom live/work somewhere which prevents them using their native tongue regularly are these: What language do you think in? and What language do you count in?
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    SMSL HO200 Review (Headphone Amplifier)

    TBH I'm getting a bit tired of seeing yet another Topping DAC being reviewed lately (DACs in general really), it's good to see some different HW that in the grand scheme of things we'd all have cut arms off to have 3-4 years ago!
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    What is your daily job ? ... any hobbies ?

    I work in Automotive Engineering; mainly Vehicle Dynamics, Ride & Handling and Active Chassis Control Systems development. I've slipped in and out of JaguarLandRover, Aston Martin, Bentley and Prodrive over the last 12 years or so, as well as doing a little Professional Driver Training here and...
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    Neumann KH 750 DSP + KH 310 A review

    Why is it an issue? This is the case whenever DSP is applied to a signal.
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    Neumann KH 750 DSP + KH 310 A review

    Also to match the width of the 310s, The 750 is taller than it is wide.
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    Neumann KH 750 DSP + KH 310 A review

    I wonder what speaker stands those are?
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    Neumann KH 310A Review (Powered Monitor)

    So I received my KH310s this week (this review directly influenced my decision). I must say, first impressions are positive. I was impressed with the packaging, and the fact each speaker came with a UK, US and Euro mains plug. They are smaller than I expected, but the old saying about good...
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    The Wheel of Time TV series

    I must admit, I'm a bit worried that they'll make changes to the storyline/characters which does a disservice to the story. Lately, production companies have been trying to cram too much into the first episode and it ends up a jumbled mess (think The Witcher, Foundation etc) and takes a few...
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    What is this new forum layout? Test.

    Reviews page has cropped images that make no sense in relation to the article:
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    What is this new forum layout? Test.

    Was there actually anything broken that needed fixing? Or was this a case of changing the site for the sake of it? Thinking it needs to be kept modern and "up-to-date" visually? I've not looked around in detail yet, but first glance at the main Forums page, it looks cluttered and busy now...
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    Resolving Measurement Issues with SONCOZ SGD1 DAC

    The only argument I can provide here is the (on this forum) proven difference that climatic conditions make to measured results (I think it was some Neumann speakers?) Granted, this will have a lesser effect on a purely electronic device (DAC for instance) over a speaker cone, but heat/cold soak...
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