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    Are you this passionate about your music?

    Her delight here...
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    Sound card as oscilloscope, can be done, and easily too

    Re Tek310a. Neat, but can you use it as a sound card? ;)
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    Nice Op Amp article in 'Silicon Chip' mag

    This link gets closer. Only the first two pages of the article are available for free.
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    Summer of Soul

    I really enjoyed it. I hope more of the footage gets released. It's apparently all on file with the Library of Congress as part of the copyright filing. Contrary to the "origin story," archivist Joe Lauro tracked down the footage and preserved it a decade and a half ago. It is, or was available...
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    Review and Measurements of Topping MX3 DAC & Amp

    Am I correct in assuming that you've unplugged the power brick from mains and pugged it back in?
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    Different brand same amp?

    There are (were?) plenty of Chinese class-D amp modules available, but most of the finished amps like these seem to use purpose-built, integrated boards. The one exception is the bluetooth functionality. Many, but not all, seem to use small PCB modules.
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    Can we remake plastic waste into a rocket fuel?

    Rockets use all sorts of propellants. Solid propellants using synthetic rubber + oxidizer are common. Among liquid fuels, RP-1 (kerosene) is popular due to volumetric energy density and the fact that it is liquid at room temperature and so avoids the cryogenic temperatures needed for liquified...
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    3.5mm headphone jack or USB-C headphone jack?

    For perspective, if you plugged your headphones in (and out) twice a day, every day, it would take over 10y to reach 8000 cycles. My first big electronics purchase came in the 8th grade or so. It took a lot of paper route money + cash birthday and Christmas gifts to buy. It was an Aiwa...
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    hi res

    The people who aren't that fussed would seem to be be those who knew about the study and didn't participate, or went so far as to obtain the samples, but never submitted a result. There were ~450 people who made it past both those bars. Of them, there are the 25%, who you seem focused on, who...
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    More bass with Schiit DAC/AMP combo?

    PEACE seems popular.
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Mac Rumors jumped to an incorrect conclusion. The built in speakers on the iPhone XR are still supported for Atmos playback (such as it is). As to why Apple changed the language? Who knows, but someone noted that while the XS and XR were announced at the same time, The XR shipped about a month...
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    Is the Hi-Fi industry inherently not adapted to the 21st century (serious discussion)?

    What is this actually measuring? Are these pages/records automatically generated from some comprehensive source, or are they created by dedicated volunteers. If it's the latter, then the apparent decline may instead reflect the variable amount of time it takes for things to be cataloged. And...
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    By out-of-band I mean separately from the audio bitstream. I base this on the behavior of the Qudelix UI app, which shows the DACs internal volume control and also the volume control level of the USB or Bluetooth host device. Manipulating the iOS volume control changes the reported volume...
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    The iPhone volume control works with the USB DAC I've used. It appears to be working out-of-band.
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