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Why are AVR’s cheaper than Integrated?

The thing is with integrated amps, my marantz PM5004 is 12 years old, and hardly shows any signs of use, while it's used daily, now in my office. My fathers Denon integrated (don't know the model number by heart) is from the early 1990's and is also still in almost new state. Both are very standard class AB transistor amps, following the classic layout and sound fairly good in reality. No AVR last that long in my experience, they break or get outdated on software.

Longevity is not universal. I still have a Sony ES model from 2001 that works perfectly. I also have a Yamaha from 2003 that works perfectly. Both were used almost daily. Sure, the software is outdated, but they still work great as integrated amps using the analog CD input in pure direct mode. OTOH, I had a Denon die on me after only 3 years.
The technology with the AV experiences a higher rate of change than the A in AVR . Therefore AVRs tend to fall off the tech trend in a few years. You know the Dolby this or DTS that. It's easy just append more letters to these. Apparently the more Xs or space-y sounding acronym the better. I am awaiting Dolby Digital ATMOS AI Neural Orgasm X only to be one upped by DTS HD Master ChatGPT Endgame X. :confused:
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