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Where have I been? Need help getting my system up to speed

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Feb 28, 2021
Western USA
Hi, Long time audiophile my first system was a Techniques Quad / Stereo Receiver back in the 70's

My system is totally different now but I just discovered the world of high end DAPS. I connected a Hiby R3 Saber to my system and was astounded by the details I was missing previously. My source the past few years was my LG v20 phone going into my Sony TA 555es integrated amp + DT Studio Monitor 55's with a decent sub. Probably on the lower end of systems looking at how active and enthusiastic everyone here seems to be!
Anyway, I thought the V-20 was highly regarded and didn't have much room for improvement.....wow was I wrong.

So with only a few days experience with the R3, I have some questions that I hope can be answered here.
The sound on the Hiby is fantastic to my old ears ( I have pretty sharp fall off above 4,000kz)!
I love the Hiby remote (Hiby Link) feature that allows you to see and control the player via Bluetooth with my tablet from my listening position.
The remote feature isnt Bluetooth music, only control. You can see and select any of the music files on the SDHC card mounted on the R3,
as well as control the EQ and a myriad of controls within the player from afar. This alone is a game changer for listening and DJ'ing your listening sessions from your where you sit.

As much as I love this little player, I am having an issue with it. When I touch it after its been playing a while on my in house system, it will crash.
Every time I touch it. I think its the capacitance of my body that triggers it. It never happens connected to anything else - only my house amp. I ran a ground wire to the amp and tuner and it still crashes. Changed the output cable - same problem. So I am returning it, this leaves me with a lot of new options that I never considered before.

Are there home DACS that have remote capability like this? Being able to see your collection and run the player without getting up is fantastic.
Is there some advantage to the home DACS vs portable players like the R3 Pro Saber??

Thanks for your kind assistance
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