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What's Cooking? Show us Your Plated Food Photos!

Rack of lamb at a Sussex pub
Certainly beautiful plating! I normally fry off the lamb on very low heat to render as much fat as possible before I roast. Did you do that? And what's under the quinoa?

Dinner tonight was Kuala Lumpur style clam noodles. Or more specifically for Malaysians, Lai Foong Lala Noodles. Lai Foong is a restaurant (a hawker stall really) in Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, not far from where I went to school. After school, I would pop by for a bowl of these noodles. The broth is intense with the flavour of clams and ginger, and there is a subtle smokiness from the fried ginger, garlic, and wine.



It is easy and quick to make. Recipe per person: 600g clams, mee hoon / rice vermicelli noodles (soaked according to instructions), about 2.5cm of julienned ginger (a lot of ginger!), 3 garlic thinly sliced cloves, 3-4 choy sum stalks, fish sauce, chicken stock, soy sauce, cooking wine.

Soak the Lala in cold water + salt + some chilli flakes to help them spit out the sand. If using frozen, defrost and wash.

In a saucepan over very high heat, fry the ginger until slightly browned, then add the garlic and 1tsp sugar (helps it caramelize). Then add the 3-4 tbsp cooking wine and flambee. Add 2 cups of chicken stock. Adjust the seasoning with fish sauce and soy sauce, then bring to an intense boil. Add the noodles to the bottom, then pour the clams on top. Cover and cook for 2 min, then add the veggies and cook for another 1-2 min until the clams are fully open. Serve, garnished with spring onion, coriander, and fried shallots.

Dinner done in 10 minutes, including prep time.
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I forgot the plated photo, but here is a routine favorite that I make for me and my son. A frutti di mare evolution of my own. This time with cod, clams, and fresh basil, oregano, and bell peppers from the yard garden. Farfalle pasta. Delicious every time, regardless! Cheers!


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That was 2 hrs of smoking at 120C, then 3hrs in foil at 160C and then finish on direct heat for abt 10 min on each of the 4 sides. Falling off the bone.
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