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What pre/pro for audio only ?


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Jan 19, 2019
Rather than hijacking an existing AV pre/pro thread, I'll go for a dedicated one - sorry if the subject has already been treated elsewhere.
So, my question is : what would be a convenient pre-pro for a guy with zero appetence towards video (no Dolby, no Atmos, no nothing), who aims for a tri-amped 2-channel audio system with the usual preamp functionalities of (preferably remote) source selection & volume control, plus : analog & digital inputs, XOver & DRC through DSP, a minimal number of boxes, and - for the sake of it, not SQ :rolleyes: - a minimal number of cascading A/D -D/A conversions?
Do you guys think this cutie with the right I/O cards would fit the bill, once appropriately set up ?

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