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What can I buy to replace my Fiio K5 Pro AK version.


Jan 13, 2021
Recently upgraded my headphones to a nice set of planar's, but I am not able to enjoy high volume via my K5pro anymore!
I know that the SINAD on the AK version of the K5 Pro was not amazing according to Amir's review, so it is time for an upgrade. I was thinking SMSL C200 or Topping DX3Pro+ as being the most logical upgrade, but would I be better off with something like the Atom+ stack? Has anyone experience with the ESS version of the K5 Pro, does it have a better Sinad than the AK version. Could this be an option for me? I like my music loud, my current K5 amp is no longer loud enough!
The DAC is for desktop use only connected to my pc. listening to Flac, MP3, Spotify, Amazon Music and gaming. I really don't want to spend more than $250 USD.

Thoughts on any of the products listed above? Or other recommendations? What are the major disadvantages of buying a stack over an all in one unit? I read that there can be some inconsistancies with the volume levels with separate DAC and Headphone Amp! Not sure if this is just a myth or a real thing.

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