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USB Soundcard on Android 10 Smartphone


New Member
Jun 13, 2020

i try to connect a class compliant usb soundcard to Android 10 via OTG Adapter. The Phone (S20) notes that there is a USB Audio Device. Switches microphone and Audio Stream to USB. But none of them is working. No Audio Out, no record from usb. Music seems to play back and recording app said "using external Mic". But nothing comes in or goes out. On Android 8 everything works as expected. So I`ve read that since Android 9 theres no "Audio over USB" anymore. No Option to switch it on. And I can confirm when I compare both Android Versions.

So, I also got a DAC (standard Samsung USC-C to 3,5mm) and USB Headphones (with mic) which are working. Can anybody tell me the difference between a DAC and a USB Soundcard? Both are Digital Analog converters. Are DAC`s, as they typically meant in this forum (connect Headphones to USB-C, improve Sound), using other USB drivers somehow? Is it more compatible because in this classical DAC`s audio normally is going just one way?

My intension is to record something in STEREO over USB. As most USB-C Headphone Mic combinations recording mono (i.e. for a phonecall), does anyone know if there is a digital Stereo way into an Android 10 phone?



Dec 6, 2019
I dont know what a class compliant usb soundcard is, however the change to Android 10 from 8 is that the stream bypassing the Android DAC is automatic only if the USB relationship (sort of client server like ) handshaking is established where the client is unpowered (using phone as power source) so that the phone is in control. My experience has shown that if both ends have power then the default is wrong, the sound comes out of the phone.
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