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MX-1A 64G Player, USB Decoder w/8" Touch Screen & Android App


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Feb 25, 2018
Interesting. Anyone seen this? Anyone bought one? Seems a little overpriced and underpowered, otherwise it might suit someone's needs. There are a couple of other versions. Two add cirrus DACs and one balanced outputs.



- Hi End player with USB asynchronous clock + DOP cache output for Android 7.1
- Wireless USB decoder
- High-resolution 8" Touch screen
- USB digital output supports PCM 32bit/384KHz, DSD512 Native & Dop128
- Coaxial output supports 16bit/ 44.1KHz
- I2S output supports 16bit/ 44.1KHz
- USB input independent decoding
- Supports English operation interface
- Comes with English instructions
- HiFi full-screen player for Android
- 2.4G + 5G Wifi + Gigabit wired network port
- Support control by remote control and cellphone APP
- Special DSD player interface for easy operation
- Support for multiple music APP
- USB asynchronous clock + DoP output for better sound quality
- PCB with black immersion gold process
- Elegant shell made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy


MX-1A Specifications:
- System: For Android 7.1
- CPU: Quad-core CPU
- Screen: Full-screen 8"
- USB Output: PCM 32bit/384KHz, DSD512 Native & Dop128
- Analog Output Level: 2Vrms
- Frequency Response: 10Hz-40KHz(±1dB)
- Distortion: THD+N ≤ 0.002%
- SNR: >115dB
- Dynamic Range: >120db

Package Included:
- 1 x MX-1A 64G HiFi Player with Decoder
- 1 x Remote Control
- 1 x WiFi Antenna
- 1 x USB Data Cable
- 1 x Power Cord
- 1 x English Instructions

Based on MX-Pro player, MX-2A is designed with all functional ports of MX-Pro. It is a player with XMOS+CS43198*2 decoding. With independent USB input port, it can be used as a HiFi player and an USB decoder. It is a cost-effective HiFi player.

CS43198 DAC is designed with unique non-oversampling simulation mode. Users can enjoy more natural sound. CS43198 outperforms AK4497 and ES9038 Pro in instant performance. And it can remove jitter caused by system clock in audio path.

MX-2A's core board is made of 6-layer PCB with black gold-plated process. And its base board is made of 4-layer PCB black gold-plated process. Its digital part adopts ta capacitors. Each level of power supply is powered by precision LDO-ADP151 (power supply ripple noise reaches uV level). There are over 10pcs LDO-ADP151 regulated power supplies.

MX-2A is better tahn MX-Pro + MX-DAC in sound quality. Its sound features ES9038's sound field, more exquisite sound.




JF Digital MX-3A Desktop Hifi Player DSD512 CS43198 Bluetooth 5.0 Living Concert Series 1T Hard Disk

Support for Playing Apple Music in These Ways:

- Method 1: Output to the player's USB input decoding through devices for iPhone/iPad (used with adapter cable). Support 24Bit/192KHz (best sound quality);
- Method 2: The player installs the version for Android APP-Apple Music to play online, and outputs and decodes in a unified 24Bit/96KHz format (sound quality is second);
- Method 3: Support for iPhone/iPad wireless Airplay (the sound quality is worse, the most convenient to use).

- APP for Apple Music is a third-party APP, and the output format of the player is limited by the system for Android (after subsequent system upgrades, it can support 32Bit/384KHz)
- Currently MX-3A with 24Bit/96KHz output decoding.

- Built-in 1T hard disk
- High-performance CPU platform of A72 architecture: smoother operating experience to meet more powerful functional requirements
- For Android 10.0 system: support for Android system HD audio source output 32Bit/384KHz
- 4GB/Dual Channel LP DDR4
- The second-generation hardware real-time VU meter: support DSD and other formats of level meter display, real-time display of audio signals
- Independent DAC interface: supports USB, coaxial, optical and bidirectional Bluetooth 5.0 input (for apt-X HD), and supports real-time level meter display
- Support for MQA decoding 32Bit/384KHz
- Support various third-party application software: The third-party APP can also support source code output 32Bit/384KHz. For Roon Ready, Huawei music, QQ music, Kugo music, NetEase music, TIDAL, Kuwo, iPhone Music, hifi music, Youku and other third-party APP
- Hardware platform adopts premium components to ensure that every hardware link has the lowest signal delay
- MX-3A uses RK3399 six-core 64-bit industrial-grade processor with powerful performance, built-in advanced DSD decoding engine, supports all (12 kinds) DSD/ISO file track playing, including (DSF, DFF, DST lossless compression, DST multiple audio channel files). It is currently the most supported format player on the market
- Wi-Fi 6 wireless network technology: faster transmission speed, lower latency, larger coverage, more security, and more power saving (Attention: Wi-Fi 6 also requires a matching router. Router for Huawei AX3Pro is recommended )
- All-in-one machine: turntable + decoding
- 8" touch screen and various UI interfaces
- 2pcs CS43198 decoder chip brings better analog listening experience, with transparent sound, high resolution, and dynamic range up to 130db
- Fully balanced output; FET op amp OPA1656; fully shielded linear power supply
- USB interface source code output: DSD512 Native 32Bit/384KHz
- l2S output HDMI interface: DSD512 Native 32Bit/384KHz
- Dual clock crystal oscillators with ultra-low phase noise
- 12 kinds of DSD/ISO formats (dff, dsf and dst)
- Two-way Bluetooth 5.0; remote control operation; CD playing and ripping
- Support for iPhone/Android phone APP control
- APP supports displaying multiple album pictures
- Supports split track playing (DSD/ISO)
- Type-C expansion interface (4K video output): more than 3 times faster than that of traditional USB3.0 mobile hard drives; supports high-definition audio/video signal transmission; Can connect to a type-c docking station to support HDMI, USB 3.0, Type-C , TF card slot, etc.; easy to use, support forward and reverse insertion
- HDMI port (4K video output)
- USB 3.0 interface (support 16T hard drive)
- Gigabit wired network port
- New APP has a simple interface, smooth operation, and adds some practical functions. It can be said to be the best APP control software for the local playing at present

New Functions of Phone APP:
- Support local and NAS playback of all file formats
- Support all (12 kinds) DSD/ISO file track playback
- Including DSF, DFF, DST lossless compression and DST multi-channel
- Support embedded album cover and supporting picture display
- Support multiple album image browsing to match the best album cover
- One-click positioning to quickly find songs
- CD ripping management

- Operating system: for Android 10.0
- CPU: 64-bit 6-core/2.0G
- Memory: 4GB/LP DDR4
- M.2 hard disk interface: Support PCle hard disk/2TB (not included)
- USB hard disk interface: For USB3.0/16TB
- Playing format: DSD512 Native 32Bit/384KHz
- USB audio output: DSD512
- USB audio input: DSD512
- Coaxial input: 24Bit/192KHz
- Optical input: 24Bit/192KHz
- Bluetooth 5.0 reception: for apt-X HD
- Bluetooth transmitter: Bluetooth 5.0
- WiFi network: Wi-Fi6
- I2S interface: None
- HDMI output: None
- Type-C interface: Support
- System source code output: 32Bit/384KHz
- Decoder chip: dual CS43198
- VU meter: hardware real-time level meter
- Shutdown via remote control: standby

Package Included:
- 1 x Set of Hifi Player
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