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Tutorial (sorta) How to setup AirPort Express 802.11n (2nd Generation) for Apple Music and Voice Control


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Sep 3, 2021
I purchased a used AirPort Express 802.11n (2nd Generation) A1392 for $15 (fair price!) this weekend and I wanted to share the steps that I went through to be able to do something like:
"Hey Siri play the Beatles on the Technics Stereo"

I'm no expert in streaming devices, but from my limited knowledge these used Airport Expresses are a great cost-effective option for streaming Apple Music using Siri voice control.

Things you'll need:
AirPort Express 802.11n (2nd Generation) A1392
Mac computer (to run the Airport Utility)
Recent iOS device (to run the Home app)
HomePod / mini for the voice control
Apple Music subscription

Before I go over the steps, the key part of all of this is that are 3 places where you can give a name to the Airport Express, but only 1 of them is the name that you can speak.
In the Airport Utility
- Name of the Device
- Name assigned for Airplay
In the Home app
- Device name <- This is the name you'll use when using voice control

I know that the Airport Utility is also for iOS, and maybe that would work too, but since I used my Mac, that's what I know will work.

Step 1:
Plug in Airport Express to power.

Step 2:
Hold down the reset button for a while, until it starts blinking orange rapidly.

Step 3:
On your Mac, in the wireless dropdown menu, look for something like New Airport Network. Join that network.

Step 4:
Open up Airport Utility and it should see the Airport Express and ask you to configure it. It will either show up as an icon in the center of the app, or in the top-left there will be a drop down for newly discovered Airport devices.

Step 5:
During the setup steps, it will ask if you want to create or extend your network. Now, I wanted neither, I wanted it to join my network (rather than extend) but for whatever that option wasn't available. Turns out you can change that later.

Step 6:
After setup is complete, the Airport will restart. Join your usual WiFi network.

Step 7:
Back in Airport Utility, the new Express should show up. Click on it and click edit.
Give the device a name on the first page, but this won't be the name you'll use with Siri.
If you want to have it just join your network, rather than extend it, you can change that setting on the Wireless page.
On the final page, you can enable Airplay, and give it a name. Note, this also isn't the name that will be used with voice control, but this will be what shows up when you list available Airplay devices.

Step 8:
Open the Home app on an iOS device.
In the top right corner, there are the dots for the menu where one of the options should be to add a new device to the Home.
The Airport Express showed up for me as a device to add.
I assigned it to a room, and gave it a name, I used "Technics Stereo". **This is the name that you'll speak when asking Siri to play to it.

Step 9:
Enjoy being able to use your voice to send Apple Music to your stereo.
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