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Topping L30+DT770-80ohm+Panasonic CD player: VOLUME BALANCING

Nov 30, 2020
Roman Republic 1849
Hi there,

Finally I discovered, as a noob, the best forum section where I can post a thread.

Thanks to Solderdude who yesterday helped me, today I can enjoy my first headphones amp.


Straight to the point: Ho can I balance the volume between L30 and the source?

Is it better to put the source on maximum volume and control from the L30 knob or viceversa?

At now I am with 30/50 with source and 3/4 knob rotation on Topping with GAIN set on +9 db.

Considering that Topping L30 goes a bit warm after less than one hour in use, I ask if charging max volume on the source will mean less heat.

Thanks in advance for any help

PS: any other tip, suggestion, shared experience about using an headphones amp will be welcome
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