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Three missing audio features in all of Todays Immersive audio AV processors/receivers


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Jan 8, 2020

I was wondering how home none of the 3D audio processors and receivers don't offer these useful audio features, one would expect from an immersive sound compatible processor:

1. Native support for Dolby Atmos from music streaming services like Tidal, Amazon HD, and Apple music. You do get support for these services on most immersive audio based receivers, but only in 2 channel audio (you could of course upmix it to 7.1.6 using DSU/ DTS Neural X, but it's not the same). To get Atmos music on AVR, you still need an Apple TV 4k connected via HDMI.

2. Support for Dolby Atmos Headphones. Why no AV receiver offers Atmos via its headphones jack like you get from any Windows 10 PC after buying/installing the Dolby Headphones app and drivers? This is a feature you'd expect from any AVR that carries the Dolby Atmos logo. I've tested both my Yamaha RX-A2070 and my Denon A4400H. When you play an Atmos content while using headphones, sound effects intended for the heights are heard from the left and right directions. An Atmos to Binaural/Spatial/3D audio for headphones would be a great thing to have for late night watching.

3. Binaural recordings to immersive surround upmixer for getting the maximum from binaural recording without headphones. There are many music recordings and albums, which were mastered for 3D headphones experience, such as Sony's 360 reality audio, Apple spatial audio, and other unbranded binaural recordings. Why not add a listening mode like DSU and Neural X, which decodes 2 channel binaural recordings into multichannel immersive surround? Such is possible by the already included powerful DSP.

The way I see it, such features would help get the maximum out of any home theater setup with 5.1.2 channels and up.
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