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This Now the U-Haul Speakers thread.


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Jul 19, 2021
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Its not your friend

The tests showcased in Steve's video is a Spielwechsler for those with Factory head units.
LOC Devices are mostly geared to adding a Sub woofer to a stock car audio system.
However, they can also be used for
  1. Adding a subwoofer.
  2. Upgrading factory / OEM equipment.
  3. Replace a broken OEM part.
  4. Upgrading to a more powerful amplifier.
  5. Simply adding an amplifier to an existing installation.
  6. Flexible and cost effective system expansion.
  7. Updating to Active elctronics to an OEM system such a Digital Dignal Processor.
  8. helping me write an article to further procrastinate renting a U-Haul to move my stuff today.

The LOC is an essential part of many of our systems and we don't even know about it. It also makes it possible to build your own 2,1 or 2.2 systems with the 2 channel High fidelity amplification you already own!

Image from Zero Fidelity.

Those of you who own low power but high quality systems can take advantage of what you already have dialed in perfect, and use a subwoofer to fill in the areas that either your mains won't do well. Or your amp just does not have the juice for reproducing faithfully lower frequency content.

Image from New Record Day.

Many of us have a plethora of Options to get a great deal on second hand 2 channel amplifiers that perform in the top of their class despite their low power ratings. There are also those of us who have speakers that are just not suited for the task of Low frequency reproduction. Either by physical cone size or practical space limitations.
::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Image from HiConsumption.com

Most importantly, they allow the ability to gain match your components. Home audio gear often seems to be used at a 2 volt range. Pro audio gear can have different input impedance/Gain levels.
This is so you can drive the amp correctly. Therefore a range of say 8 volts could be required by your Amp, (Check with your Amps manufacturer) but your output device such as your DAC only outputs 2 volts.


Image Courtesy of Jeff Beszos

There are (Mostly) 2 styles of LOC's used. Analog types chiefly using filters similar to your Mains speakers crossover Networks. With Fully active Electronics being the norm. Each has its strengths and drawbacks.

Image from 13th note

Active or powered Subwoofers usually include both high and Low level inputs. Either via RCA, (XLR for some pro units) and just basic Clip terminals for bare wires.

Image from New York Times

My issue with these devices have caused much disappointment in the past. Often resorting to leaving it how it is, or doing a full system overhaul which in some cases was impossible to implement correctly. You often either lose features or functionality in the process. You end up either with insufficient output from the LOC, or you would run into Distortion issues producing sound similar to a FM converter that sounds Thin, Flat, or just plain .

Image courtesy of belkin.com

I ran into this issue with both home and car audio LOC's built into the devices, and have wondered how to solve these issues while still being able to keep what I was using to keep costs down. And to make installation a cinch. I also had issues with some Home theater subwoofers that just never sounded right being driven by my equipment.
Image courtesy By Elisandra Valente

I hope this brings some light into whats going on so you too can avoid some of the pitfalls that I did. And get the most of your setup. Weather its for home or car audio. it's true having your system from the ground up is going to be the best way to do things. Often this may not be a available option or a costly one at best.

Image courtesy of progressive audio

I Would like to thank Steve at SMD for doing this test and showcasing this problem as it has been an issue in the past that I just could not put my finger on. Hopefully you won't have to get a hair transplant like I do.

Image courtesy of XS Power


--[Description from Steave Meade]--
Not all LOC's (Line Level or speaker output converters or speaker to RCA adapters) Are bad! Some are actually quite nice! I bought 6 more online (nothing was free) and decided to put them all to the test for both distortion and voltage output.
I don't want to say anything bad about any of the products, i will just put it up on the screen (the input and output on scope and the DD-1+) and let you decide for yourself. If clean sounds are you(r) goal, you should put some time and real thought into what you are doing. If clean sound is NOT your goal, turn it up to 11 and rock till those coils smoke. I really don't care what you do. I am just here to show you the difference.

Also, this is more proof the SMD DD-1 is superior to just using a scope. A low resolution, even high resolution single channel O-scope might have you thinking you have a clean wave when really it is distorted. With nothing to compare it to, how would you know?
The DD-1 knows the difference! And you don't need 2 channels on the screen at the same time to see it.

Do you really want to amplify garbage? if not, look for a quality LOC or other means of factory integration. Most of the time LOC's are a cheap and easy way to get some quick beat into your ride. But it does not have to be distorted!

You can have (it) easy and clean if you know what you are doing or know someone who does!
Thanks for watching if you did!
-Steave Meade



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Jul 19, 2021
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Did you know renting a U-Haul on a Saturday is a REAL BAD IDEA?
I got my truck and the only had one of the small ones in stock without the ramp. Okay. Whatever. Few more trips. No big deal.

the first one that they tried to give me didn't start.
So this cool dude named Trevor got another one for me. I swear to Jebuz, he looks like this dude. But more Sweedish.

the second one actually did work and that's great so I go to Burger King. Naturally. Woops. Its too tall for the Drive thru. Dratz. And of course the dining room is closed. Okay. Might as well get some Moving supplies at Wallys world.

I try to start the U-Haul truck but now the key tumbler seems to be Stuck. Why its just like owning a Chrysler! GM really has come a LONG WAY BABY!
I was finally able to get it to turn. I couldn't get my Whopper Junior so after that I decided to go to Walmart. Hoping it was just a Fluke.

So... While I'm at the Walmart. I had a Walmart Moment. I don't know what it is. But I think I should start wearing more Metallica Gear. Why? as I was looking at the umbrellas and about to leave the store a Younger Hispanic man and his sister and I think his mom parked their cart RIGHT behind me. The dude touches my Shoulder and I see from my glasses that I am wearing that they are checking out my Chaps. The dude brushes his Peck/ Male tity on my Arm while trying to look for a specific color Umbrella. Huckers down real low and it looks like his trying to find a color of umbrealla as his staring at me on his knees...

Do I REALLY Look like a Flamer? don't answer that. Come to think about it? Both women were REALLY REALLY close to my buns. High tail and TIME TO GO TO CHECK OUT!

Oh btw, I'm on hold with U-Haul tech support the whole time starting the call in the parking lot. So while checking out? NATURALLY that's when I get through. Either they do this on pourpous? Or fate..Who knows.

Okay, so Some Lady so Southern she makes Dukes of Hazard Noises Picks up the call. Then she tries to tell me SHE cant understand me... While entering My Pin code, and trying to put Groceries in the cart, I politely tell her the problem. And she says to just take it back to the place since they are still open till 7PM if I can get it started. SWEET!

Spend about 10 min trying to get it to start. It must look like I'm trying to steal my own Uhaul since the Security in a Dodge truck does a Slow fly by behind me. Lingers for a bit. Then pulls out as soon as he see's my reverse lights.

Meanwhile, I'm doing the Ron Jeremy with the key. Back and forth. In and out. Moving the wheel left to right. Pressing the brake pedal. Doing anything I can think of to get the Tumbler to spin the key. I see now why the Dude was Lurking behind me but did not get it at the time. Pressing the brakes lights up all the lights. So it must of looked like the alarm was going off come to think of it.

Okay. Head back to U-Haul. Another Portland Moment as I pull in. This time? Its 2 trucks partly blocking the driveway in. Seems like 3 women in a very HEATED Argument. And 3 dudes. Trucks are parked in an L shape to each other and it looks like they are unloading one into another. I assume its just a broken truck. So I walk in parking a bit in front of them.

So while I as there. I wait in line for a bit. One of the women outside comes storming in along with 2 other dudes. I was wondering why they were so close to me at first, but then they got behind the counter. I did not notice it at first. But later on I found out why.

so it looks like the place that I went to actually repoed the U-Haul truck in the parking lot. It just got towed there right before I got there. So the people who rented the repoed truck went to another location to rent another U-Haul truck to get the stuff out from the one that was repossessed by the first one that was rented at this location.

This is what the commotion was all about outside when I got there.
I think the U-Hault staff initially thought I was coming in to help the other folks and was a part of their affairs or something. That explains their demeanor when I came back at first. Meanwhile, I was pondering if the Sasquatch soap was working a little bit too good. It still did not dawn on me about their weird and sort of Aggressive behavior.

The lady from outside also came in, and I was still waiting in line to see Trevor who had rented me the truck. Well. That's when I find out a bit of what is going on. She seemed to be taking to another U-Haul and starts getting REALLY CROSS. Like Thomas the tank engine Henry Cross. The whole story starts to spill out. And she mentions that she is going to call the police to handle it. The other 2 dudes are still sort of staring at me.

I'm still wondering why they are looking at me like that. And thinking maybe this soap has Pheromones in it or something.

meanwhile I'm kind of wondering if I wore clothing today because I've always had this really weird nightmare where I leave the house but I'm not actually wearing anything but my underwear.
So I checked myself out to make sure I'm wearing clothes. Just as a Precaution. I know I am since I pulled my Keys out my pocket.
Weird I know. But There had to be some reason the other two dudes were staring at me.

So the lady with the Black lives Mater T shirt (I think she is a manager) says loudly,
"Okay, were calling in the police to handle this IF they don't leave right now".
I'm a bit puzzled so I walk over to the window to see what's happening outside.
And I see the woman and the man ferociously put everything in the other U-Haul truck and a few moments later take off.

The other 2 dudes get right behind me as I turn around from the window. I'm a bit puzzled but I think they were trying to see whats outside of the window or just get closer to to smell the Scent of the soap I ordered.
So I go..

"This is some really good soap!"

They back up a bit as I walk back to the waiting line just a bit before the other couple is done to see Trevor. The guy that I initially rented the U-Haul truck from.

" Okay, How did you do it! I can't get the key to work, Is there some kind of magic spell to it?"

The lady manger gets off the phone, and blurts out.
"OH!! You just have to turn the key around! "

???? In my head. I'm like.. [is everyone doing drugs?]

So... Trevor said OH! And as we are walking outside, the lady opens the door first and I said thank, and then she starts to make some sense.
"They keys are copies, so they only work one way"..

I give the keys to Trevor, and he starts the thing like its nothing. WTTTDDFFF????

They both have a chuckle... And I'm like. WAIT! Let me try. I do it. No dice. Then he says "Wiggle the steering wheel". Okay. It makes a LOUD "CLUNCK"
Do it again, and this time I jiggle the wheel. PRESTO! It starts up! Do it again, Perfect.

So Trevor Wishes me well, Tell me I can handle it.
I thank him. And Off I go.

So I guess it was not the soap after-all.
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