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Subjective evaluation with an objective known


Nov 2, 2019
I have a local dealer that has a number of stand mount speakers I’m interested in. Only two, the Revel M105 and M16 have been measured by ASR. One candidate, the Goldenear BMX has been measured by Soundstage. They also have a Paradigm 40B and Dynaudio Evoke. I listened to the KEF LS50 Meta at a different dealer. Horrible audition room. I honestly don’t know what I heard. My plan is to start with a quality measured known, the M105 and listen to the rest. Dealer has agreed to set them up on stands in the same configuration as my current room and swap them out. Actual room size will be different though. At the present time, not everything is available from Crutchfield so I can’t do the comparisons that way and boy that would be an expensive trial. At the end of the day, we buy what we like but does this sound like a reasonable plan?
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