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Streamer to MiniDSP Flex for 2.0 HT? Bluesound Node vs Matrix Audio Mini I-4


Jan 25, 2023

I am looking at two options here when connecting my TV and streaming audio services to my 2.0 speaker setup (Ascend Acoustics ELX towers):

1. Use a Bluesound Node to connect to my TV via HDMI Arc and connect to MiniDSP flex via SPDIF. The problem I read online is that the node introduces a 50ms audio delay that you can't remove in other to sync with other bluesound devices.

2. Use a Matrix Audio Mini I-4 to connect to my TV via HDMI Arc and connect to MiniDSP flex via analog output. The Mini I-4 unfortunately doesn't have digital out. This would mean there would be an ADA conversion in the chain, which might lead to some quality loss?

Overall, I am looking to slowly build out my system to allow 2.1 as well. I basically want something that will play music and play movies with ease of convenience.

Thank you!


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Dec 9, 2022
TVs usually have audio delay adjustments.
Bluesound has an A/V mode with delay adjustments. I never use it, I use AppleTV as main source. AppleTV also has audiodelay tuning which works perfectly with an Iphone as microphone for the syncro test.


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May 3, 2021
None so far! Just trying out several integrated amps for now but they’ve all had limitations. Bluesound devices had annoying audio limitations
I am not sure why you want to add a device between the minidsp and the tv to receive hdmi. Does your tv have an optical output? If I am not mistaken, using the optical out has no impact for a 2.0 or 2.1 set-up, except for a trade off in ease of use (using the tv's remote for volume control). The Wiim mini, pro, ... also easily and cheaply add streaming. Devices like the matrix audio seem overkill if you want to feed the dac of a minidsp anyway. The minidsp obviously requires you to add some power amplifier in the chain.

The new Yamaha integrated rn1000a has hdmi in, basic room correction and from the manual also high pass/low pass for basic subwoofer integration.
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