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Stereo + surround control B&W 804 D3


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Dec 21, 2023
Hi everyone,,

I hope you can help me advice. I am looking for a setup with the following 2 functions:

1. STEREO sound via B&W 804 D3 front speakers and sub.
2. SURROUND sound via these 2 B&W 804 D3 with additional B&W HTM1 D3 center speaker, sub and 2 B&W M1 back speakers

Brands that I have read a lot about that go well with the 804 speakers:
Naim (unity nova), NAD (M33), Arcam (SA30) Krell (kav-300i), Classe, Primare, Bryston.

The only 2 amplifiers that I have found that also provide surround and can be found around 5.000 are:
Arcam AVR31 and Primare SPA25.

I also include the option of using a cheaper surround amplifier such as a Denon X3800H or X6700H for the LCR speakers:
- The amplifier by means of theater bypass to a good stereo amplifier.
- The amplifier with a power amplifier. Or am I compromising the quality by doing this?

3 channel power amplifiers:
- Buckeye Purifi eigentakt
- Buckeye Hypex NCore (ncx500)
- ATI AT1823

Or multi-channel amplifiers:
-ATI Signature 6007 7x 300watt
- ATI's AT527NC 200W x 7
- Monolith by Monoprice 11-Channel (3x200 + 8x100 Watts)
- Musical Fidelity M6x 250.7 at 4 Ohm
- Monolith by Monoprice 7x200 Watts
- Emotiva XPA5 5x 200 watts or 2x 300watts

For final amplification, I read many good stories about Purifi eigentakt or Hypex NCore (ncx500).

My requirements for the amplifier are in addition:
- Dirac Live and Base Control
- Good DAC streaming (BluOS?)
- Connectivity: Airplay2, Chromecast, Tidal, Sportify Connect, Tunein.

What do you recommend for the best possible control that allows good stereo but also watching films in surround 5.1?

Thank you a thousand times in advance
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