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SPDIF input: Topping E30 II, E30 II Lite, FiiO K7, or something else?


Jan 29, 2023
The intended usage in the near future: pairing with a WiiM Pro.

The price for SMSL SU-1 is way too close to E30 II Lite and it's not available in the next few weeks/months at my local shops.

The reviews for both E30 II and E30 II Lite are mentioning inaudible jitter issues for SPDIF (E30 II Lite seems to behave a little better but I can't be sure that the results are directly comparable).

On the other hand, FiiO K7 is only 50$ more expensive than E30 II, way less than a decent dedicated headphone amp, and I could reuse it in the future for my PC. However, the measurements for K7 are a bit odd, line out having more distortions than headphone output.

So far I'm inclined to toss a coin between E30 II Lite and K7. Am I missing some data that would help me make a better decision?

- FiiO K7
- Topping E30 II
- Topping E30 II Lite
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