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Sony ta 55 es monaural for Tannoy xt 8f: will it work or burn?

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Hi all. I am running the speakers on an NAD C368 and am thinking of buying 1, and later on another old Sony poweramp. However the Tannoys go down to 2.9 ohm and when I check the Sony specs I am not sure if it's possible without blowing up the gear. I am not that technical so.. comments are welcome.


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May 27, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ
I've owned the TA-N55ES previously and can say that it's beautifully built and in my experience driving multiple 4ohm speakers it never had an issue. Not sure why I sold it to be honest. It also has volume control in case you'd like to plug a line level source without volume control directly into the amp.

Deleted member 24907

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Thank you very much! I ended up buying a yamaha mx2 earlier today. It was a 30 minute drive so I couldn't resist. Slightly chipped machine so I paid 325 euro. Should be doing fine down to 2 ohms. Sounds way better than the nad c368 which now serves as preamp.
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