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Sold: Neumann KH 310 A R G (single speaker)(Germany/EU)


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Jan 21, 2020
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I am selling a single KH 310 A R G (right speaker). It is 5 months old and has only been used for a few hours. I wanted to use it as a center (i already have a stereo pair of KH 310s), however, I have not managed to integrate it well - it sounds better to me without a center.

The speaker unfortunately got a small dent at the screw on the right side during installation. In addition, there are very thin micro-scratches on the top, which probably come from an absorber that I had once put on it for testing purposes. I have tried to make these two small damages as visible as possible on the photos. As you can see they are not very eye-catching, but I still decided to lower the price a bit.

I send the speaker in the original packaging and also transmit my (digital) original invoice dated 20.12.2021 to the buyer. Payment can only be made via Paypal (not via "Friends & Family", only via regular purchase) to the shipping address that i can see in Paypal.

So that there are no problems with customs and taxes and the shipping costs remain within limits, I would prefer to ship only to Germany or at least within the EU. I use DHL with insured shipping. Theoretically, shipping is also possible internationally, but the risk and additional costs would be borne by the buyer - I suspect that is not really worth it.
It is purely a private sale, so I myself of course can not provide any warranty. As far as I know, however, the Neumann manufacturer's warranty should remain in effect even in the event of resale. I have also not yet registered the device with Neumann in my name.

Price: 1400 EUR plus shipping costs (for example within Germany: 22,49 EUR).

DSCF3507 (Large).JPG

DSCF3509 (Large).JPGDSCF3511 (Large).JPGDSCF3512 (Large).JPGDSCF3513 (Large).JPGDSCF3514 (Large).JPGDSCF3518 (Large).JPGDSCF3520 (Large).JPGDSCF3521 (Large).JPG
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