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SOLD : ALLO DigiOne Raspberry Pi Case Power Supply WiFi Dongle


Feb 28, 2020
Update: Thank you, but this DigiOne setup is now Sold.

RPI3 + DigiOne Board + Acrylic Case + microSD Card with OS ( RoiPeeeXL) + 5V Power Supply + WiFi Dongle

Would like $128 including Priority Mail and PayPal fees (a little less if your local (Seattle) and can collect)

High quality SPDIF or BNC digital on your network to feed your system.

This should be plug-n-play for your wired network. If you tell it your WiFi password via the RoipeeXL web based GUI, then your good to go via WiFi too. Note that this has WiFi without the WiFi usb dongle ; the dongle just enhances WiFi ability - but not necessary.

Protective sticky paper was not pulled from case when assembled, so cosmetics will be as new.

Used this as a ROON endpoint in two ways - as itself and also as an Apple Airplay device (RoiPeeeXL adds Airplay facility)

RPI3 SBC Board (bottom mother board)
  • Dual Double USB 2.0 Ports >> Keyboard / Mouse / USB Storage / WIFI Dongle
  • microUSB >> Power in 5V/3.0A
  • Ethernet Port >> Connect to the network 10/100Mb
  • HDMI Port >> Optional screen, to access the GUI
  • Audio Jack >> Do not use
  • microSD Card >> Flashed with RoiPeeeXL

DigiOne Board (top HAT):
  • BNC >> Clean, re-clocked digital output
  • COAX /SPDIF >> Clean re-clocked digital output

Things I don't know or have forgotten:

Can it feed two dacs at the same time? (presume, but don't know)
It it Raspberry Pi3 or Pi4 and what version? I can't remember exactly, but believe its a Pi3 and not sure version.
Capacity of MicroSD card containing the RoiPeeeXL operating system? I can't remember - but its clearly plenty for the job.
...all of these things can obviously be checked and found out. But I basically just want to find a new home for this where it'll get used, but don't want to fiddle with it too much.
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