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Revel C205 and C25 Center Channel


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May 11, 2020
Calabasas, CA
Does anybody have any experience with these? From what I have read, the MTM design can have issues with horizontal dispersion, and comb filtering, making dialog harder to understand. But I know that Revel does a lot of testing on their speakers, so perhaps they have solved this issue to some degree? I am trying to find a good solution that is < 8" tall (preferably 7") to fit under my tv. The good news is that this is pretty much at ear level and will sit on top of the entertainment cabinet, so the main issue is just horizontal dispersion. The C25 and C205 would fit the bill in terms of size.

I have seen the measurements at https://speakerdata2034.blogspot.com/2019/03/spinorama-data-revel-home.html

and it looks like the C25 is actually smoother than the C205?

Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.


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Sep 21, 2019
Just in case you might not know, another MTM Harmon engineered Center, the Infinity RC252, is currently on sale direct from Harmon for $179 (vs. Revel $750/$1000):

It is just under 7" in height as well. A Harmon spinorama is also available so you can compare:

Might be worth considering. And if you have the ability to EQ it, you should be able to adjust dialog response should you wish.

And while Amir has not reviewed the RC252, reviews of the R162 and RC263 were positive. Based on the R162 review, I picked up a pair for a BR stereo setup and am very happy with them.
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