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Replacement for Beoplay H3

Rufus T. Firefly

Forum Donor
Sep 8, 2021
St. Louis
I love them but alas my second pair has crapped out and I need a replacement. Here are my criteria.

1. Wired IEM that can be worn as hang downs and not behind the ear if possible.

2. Comparable sound profile/tuning to the H3. Not looking for anything fatiguing as I'm perhaps more sensitive to that kind of thing. Will be using for music and movies if that matters.

3. Can be efficiently driven by a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, computer).

4. I use these on the couch or in bed so noise isolation/cancelation is not a factor.

5. Would prefer a three button cable, not sure how I feel about detachable, probably a good idea but not a deal breaker.

6. Would like to stay under $200.

Ive recently tried the Etymotic ER2SE and while I can appreciate the detail they are are too lean and I can't live with the fit. Also pretty hard to drive with just a mobile device.

Reading about the Final E4000 and that seems to check a lot of boxes but I'd love to hear opinions on those (especially fit and placement in ear) and if there are other viable candidates per the above.

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