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Recommendations for WiFi streaming and amplifiers.


Sep 23, 2020
Hey everyone. I've just recently moved to my new house with my GF and I am using the windfall from selling my old condo to upgrade my audio setup. In my old condo, everything was in the living room, so everything was connected through my Home Theatre 5.1 setup, but now things are different and I have 2 floors to fill with music (to my GF's disappointing glare).

So, what I was planning is to use a NAS device to stream most of my music through Wifi to two setups : my living room TV setup (using a Denon X2700H to power my old 5.1 Paradigm/SVS system) and my basement stereo setup (no amplifier yet). I've just ordered KEF Q950 thanks to the deals thread, and I have been looking at the Yamaha R-N803 as the stereo amplifier for that setup, which will also include my TT with separate Phono stage (Cambridge duo) and probably a CD transport. I will eventually also build a real HT setup in the basement, probably powered by Denon as well.

Reading up on things before making further purchases, it seems that Denon uses HEOS and Yamaha uses Musicast as their streaming systems, so I would have to use two different apps to control them IIUC. Would that cause problem with the NAS? I'm a bit of a beginner there, my only experience being using Plex to connect my PC to my Nvidia Shield. Should I just go the a Denon DRA 800H or something similar instead to simplify things? Any other recommendation for an integrated amplifier with wifi (and if possible FM radio)?

ALSO, most of my music is in M4A, AIFF and ALAC formats, up to 24/192. Are HEOS and Musicast compatible with those?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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Jul 19, 2021
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I would contact Yamaha about compatibility

your network attached storage should have no problem

controlling either works both with DLNA and you shouldn't have any problems.

Any other recommendation for an integrated amplifier with wifi (and if possible FM radio)?

if quality FM reception is a thing for you then absolutely get yourself a separate tuner and build your own system that way however I recommend that you simply stick with any commercially available aviar and just in case the FM reception is not good at your location you can always use iHeartRadio

there are many small devices that ask exactly that you give up quality for Price or price for quality.
I would just get in a VR of your choice and make sure the software package fits for you.
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