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Qobuz Launches in Australia and NZ


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Feb 8, 2021
Algol Perseus
French music streaming platform Qobuz has launched in Australia.
Good news for Australian/NZ music streaming services with Qobuz providing a new option for those interesting in using music streaming services.

Up until April, there has been only one major player in the high-res purchase space, with the local equivalent of 7digital, Zdigital, providing lossless audio for those who wanted it, though in truth, the catalogue of music seems to have languished with virtually no updates in the months prior. Take a quick look at Zdigital’s page, and you might feel let down: it seems like nothing is happening there, and is rather like walking into an electronics store still touting the awesomeness that is VHS, if any is to be found.
Qobuz offers 16-bit CD-quality and 24-bit high-res audio streaming to customers, with audio purchases available for albums, as well. The launch sees Qobuz offer its service outside of Europe and the United States, arriving in both Australia and New Zealand, focused specifically on people looking for a higher bitrate for their music service.

Strangely Tidal chose to announce their new service tier in Australia too around the same time;


Clearly Qobuz has the competition worried with similar pricing and no proprietary formats... yet.

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