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Problems with (apparent) channel imbalance + left channel cutting out

The Masquerade

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Sep 25, 2022
I have recently procured a Gustard X-16 and Topping L50 for use with my Sennheiser HD650. The second night of using them was made to notice the left channel cutting out for a few minutes and after it "fixed" itself got increasingly paranoid about channel imbalance as well (though I don't trust myself with that feeling). The X-16 is connected to the L50 with RCA. Signal input to the X-16 is via USB. I tried testing different things already. Once the channel cut out again, I used different cans to see if the problem persists at that moment and it did (could only hear the right channel). I also tried replacing the X-16 with my Aune X1s and haven't noticed any irregularities while listening to music for 1.5 hours. Am I right to assume it has to be the X-16 that is responsible for this problem?

Edit: Disregard the previous statement. I am pretty sure it's related to the L50, but it seems it only occures after turning it on and immediately using it. Does it need to "warm up" before us to prevent issues like that?
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Feb 7, 2021
I've had the L50 and it just powers up in 2 seconds, no other warm up time. Have you tried keeping it at the same volume to see if it's the volume wheel causing it?
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