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PC > Dirac > JDS Labs Atom DAC > out to Amp. Need help understanding the data flow.


Feb 24, 2021
Hey guys,

My 2 channel system starts with my PC which I have Dirac Live installed hooked up to a JDS Labs Atmo+ Dac via USB which is connected to my Rotel integrated amplifier. Music is being played through Foobar. I need some assistance understanding the settings to make sure ive got the data flowing correctly. Ive been kind of guessing as I go but I want to make sure I have it correct.

Starting with the Windows Audio Settings: I have the XMOS Driver v5.50 software installed from JDS Labs so that I can set the output of the JDS Labs Dac to the maximum of my music format. Windows is currently using the Virtual Audio Device "Dirac" as the main default output.

When listening to headphones I have the Dirac Processor disabled through the button in the software (since I have no way to calibrate my headphones through Dirac), but its enabled when I listen on the bookshelf speakers. One thing I dont understand here is the Audio Buffer Size. Do the settings look correct here?

Here is the JDS Control Panel: The preferred Buffer Size was set automatically. Thats what it was set to when I plugged in the DAC - and for some reason the Output format gives me the same 2 choices?

Lastly, Foobar output is basically set up like this:

I guess im just looking to make sure its passing through the formats as it should down to the amp. I have no real-time monitoring of it so im hoping its all correct.

Thanks for everyone's time!


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