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[Newbie] Your opinion and advice on the purchase of a sound system


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Nov 24, 2023
I'm a complete novice and I'd like to invest in a sound system. I'll be using it mainly forr streaming from the computer (Spotify, Qobuz and some personal albums in FLAC but I also sometimes mix music with 2 Technics MK2 turntables.
Today is Black Friday, and I'm perhaps a little too late to find out what's going on. I had intended to buy two LS50 Wireless II active speakers and a KC62 subwoofer, but a current offer on R3 Meta speakers sows doubt in my mind. I'm hearing about DACs, streamer DACs and preamps, and that confuses me even more. I asked on a website if I could get a simple, ideal and good solution for around €1,000 and was offered the Audiophonics DAW-S250NC amplifier.
I appeal to your help to judge the pros and cons of each of these two setups.
In terms of sound quality, which choice would give me the best results?
In view of current offerings and a budget of around €2,500, are these two solutions the most suitable? Would you have considered anything else?
Thank you!
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