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New Mylène Farmer's album L'EMPRISE in Dolby Atmos vs 360RA vs (stereo Vinyl, CD, Qobuz)


May 31, 2022

Here is the last album of Mylène Farmer L'Emprise

Mylene Farmer - L Emprise --- Small - 360 - DA.jpg

After the test of the singles, no surprises on the level of the stereo versions, the digital versions (CD and Qobuz) are compressed (DR6) compared to the vinyls (black and red) (DR10) which are very clean and well engraved.

But, what is interesting for this album is the comparison between Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio.

The comparison was done in headphone listening in Binaural mode and in listening on speakers in 7.1.4.

In 7.1.4 listening, the 360 RA brings a notion of volume and uniformity of the space more important than with the Dolby Atmos version.

We find the same positioning of the instruments or sound effects in the space, but on the extract of Que Je Devienne... the rendering of the bells is more natural, we have the impression to have more space around us.


Spatialization 360RA (full album)

In binaural listening, the Dolby Atmos version is a little less spatial than the 360RA, but with a different sound balance (more bass), bringing it closer to the stereo version for its sound balance. The difference in the calculation of the binaural must amplify this difference between the two formats.

I will compare other albums between the two formats to see if we still have this same feeling, as for example with Miles Davis Kind Of Blue in Atmos and 360RA.

You can find the stereo and binaural samples, as well as the measurements and the representation of the spatialization here.

Enjoy listening
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