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*Need Help* new system for around 10k €


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Jun 19, 2018
This is all very interesting to me-- for home listening, trying to mellow out a pair of Genelec 8020a monitors I bought for professional mixing. May I ask how I would go about adding warm EQ/euphonic distortion via DSP? Not familiar with the process. Would I go from computer to DAC to Genelecs and use some sort of player with EQ/presets? Thanks a lot!
That would be the best approach IMO. Various players (eg Foobar) support VST, which is the standard plugin format for DAWs (mixing/mastering software). There are lots of good VSTs available that do this kind of thing, eg emulate tape saturation, tube distortion, etc. They are also highly configurable. And of course you also have EQ, dynamic compression, etc etc. I think it’s also possible to apply VSTs to your whole system using something like Reaper.

Before trying any of that though, have you measured your in-room response? IME poor room/placement can often cause a system to sound overly lean or boomy etc. due to peaks or nulls in the bass response. If I were you I’d try measuring and if necessary putting in place some bass management first.
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