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National Cyber Power Index 2020


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Mar 23, 2016
Sweden, Stockholm
” The Belfer National Cyber Power Index (NCPI) measures 30 countries’ cyber capabilities in the context of seven national objectives, using 32 intent indicators and 27 capability indicators with evidence collected from publicly available data.
In contrast to existing cyber related indices, we believe there is no single measure of cyber power. Cyber Power is made up of multiple components and should be considered in the context of a country’s national objectives. We take an all-of-country approach to measuring cyber power. By considering “all-of-country” we include all aspects under the control of a government where possible.1 Within the
NCPI we measure government strategies, capabilities for defense and offense, resource allocation, the private sector, workforce, and inno- vation. Our assessment is both a measurement of proven power and potential, where the final score assumes that the government of that country can wield these capabilities effectively.
The NCPI has identified seven national objectives that countries
using cyber means. The seven objectives are:
1. Surveilling and Monitoring Domestic Groups;
2. Strengthening and Enhancing National Cyber Defenses;
3. Controlling and Manipulating the Information Environment;
4. Foreign Intelligence Collection for National Security;
5. Commercial Gain or Enhancing Domestic Industry Growth;
6. Destroying or Disabling an Adversary’s Infrastructure and Capabilities; and,
7. Defining International Cyber Norms and Technical Standards.”


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