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Microphone & DAC/AMP Discussion


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Nov 22, 2023
I made a post earlier in regards of asking for some specific questions on what to look for. However, I seem to have settled upon these 2 devices of Microphones and DAC/AMPs.
To begin, I'd like to thank all for suggestions in my other post, and I would like to finalize and ease my mind after this post on which devices to snatch.

On the microphone side; I wanna either get a Shure SM7B or an MV7. I am upgrading from a Blue Yeti. I hope either option has superior audio quality?

SM7B: Reason for this, simply, I'd like to get the best while I can, and not have to upgrade again. Concern is looking for a good Audio Interface. I have pretty much settled upon getting the Motu M2. However, I want a mute button attached. Mute Button I hear this mute button is good? Only other concern / question in regards to this is I also wanna get either a Cloudlifter or a Fethead to simply lower the gain inside the Motu M2 for easier adjustment and less noise at higher gain volume? So I'm not sure how I would wire this.
--> Fethead attached to the SM7B > XLR Cable from Fethead to Mute Button > XLR Cable from Mute Button to Motu M2. Will this cause any audio interference?

MV7 using XLR Cable: Another option is getting the MV7 along with the Motu M2 Audio Interface. I'm not sure how good the audio quality is compared to these two, but I know that these two are good microphones from what I've read. Good news is that MV7 has a built-in Mute Button. I am uncertain that I need a Cloudlifter or Fethead with MV7? If this microphone is gain hungry as SM7B then I'd like to also use a Fethead/Cloudlifter for easier and cleaner gain on the Motu M2.

I hope someone can correct or help me choose. Honestly, I will only be doing Discord/Gaming. Talking with friends. Overkill? Yes. But I want good quality while I am able to make these purchases.
Lastly, I have decided on these two DAC/AMPS. I will be using the Sennheiser HD599, my brain won't let me not use a DAC/AMP because i've just grown accustumed to using one. I am using a Shiit Fulla 3 atm.

JDS Atom DAC/AMP 2 (Stack): I'd like to start off with this? I heard great things about JDS, and using the Atom Stack. I read it has good audio quality and will get the job done for whatever headphones I use. Unless maybe I get into more of the hardcore ones? Idk.
Atom Stack

JDS Element 3 MK2: Same website/brand. However, this is a all-in-one DAC/AMP. It's a bit more expensive but seems to be easier of use?. I don't mind the price, however, I also hear the audio quality is better as well compared to the Atom Stack.
Element 3 MK2

So, options? I can get the SM7B, Motu M2, Mute Button, and a Fethead/Cloudlifter. Call it a day and hope it works great. Or go cheaper and a bit easier route with a MV7, Motu M2, and a Fethead/Cloudlifter. Hope this also works great?.

For the DAC, it can be either the Atom Stack, or just Element 3 MK2 and plug/play etc. I'm sure either will be better than the Shiit Fulla 3.

Any suggestions or whatnot is helpful, and i'm pretty stuck on either of these. I've researched, and such and came around these devices. I was looking at just getting a Rodecaster DUO instead of Motu M2, however, I read there are issues regarding latency? Sucks, because it did have a mute button and seemed to will work with the SM7B.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and sorry about my limited knowledge. I just, in the end, want a nice clean setup as I am upgrading and just wanna be happy with what I get, and do it right. lol.
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