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Living Room Setup for $3,000


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Oct 21, 2022
I'm looking to spend ~3k on a fresh setup. I currently have some vintage B&Os and a little rinky-dink Yamaha receiver, but it's a very warm sound and can't fill up my new room (~20x30), so I'm looking for something different.

For the speakers, I'm looking for something that will sound good in a mostly untreated living room, and ideally something that can be placed close to the back wall. Bass extension isn't super important since I will likely add a sub later. I am not open to going the active route unless there is a LONG warranty for the electronics.

I fully appreciate the pros and cons of towers and bookshelves, so I'm open to hearing suggestions for both. I need to factor a pair of stands into the price of bookshelves(~$200?)

I prefer suggestions from brands that I can easily listen to in my room and return if needed. Right now the Polk R700 and KEF R3 are at the top of my list. I think a lot will come down to which dispersion I prefer in my room.

As far as amplification goes, I assume integrated will be the best option at this price point, but I'm happy to be proven wrong. I don't have a sub or a turntable yet, but I definitely will add them in the future. The main input will be a PC. I can do room correction from the PC, so no worries there . As a tie-breaker, I prefer a silver metal finish.

I'm pretty sure the Yamaha S-701 ticks all of the boxes, but I'd like to hear opinions. There are some cheap power amps out there (Outlaw 2200), and maybe combined with something like the Yamaha WXC-50 or some DAC with preamp out could work? Not sure how easily the turntable/subs could be added.

Looking forward to the responses. I appreciate the audio brain trust you guys have going on here!
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