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Ideas of placement of ~55" TV and Speakers in new house


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Nov 4, 2021
I have recently purchased a nice townhouse in a really good location. That's great but I'm struggling to figure out where to place my TV and speakers. The room I have to work with is a kitchen/living room combo space located on the 1st floor. I currently have a paired of sealed Jeff Bagby Kairos speakers with subwoofer but I am open to speaker upgrades within ~$10,000 AUD if it makes the situation easier. See house.jpg for the rough room dimensions - I need to do full measurements but it won't be substantially different than this.

The TV unit I have placed in house.jpg is just an example of where the architect believed to be the proper placement of the TV unit. Which is ridiculous because who would place a TV and speakers so close to a stovetop? Think about the steam, heat and oil!

The awkwardness comes in the lack of lengthy solid walls since they've placed doors everywhere. The 3m roller door to the north goes to the balcony. The 1m door goes to the bathroom and can't really be moved without placing it in a place where it blocks the shower and toilet.

Keep in mind I own the place so I can do whatever I want with the place. I can add walls, remove walls, etc. Only thing is that I don't have much depth behind the walls. One solution - in solution1.jpg - I have come up with is to place a 0.30m thick wall between the bathroom and the main room. That would let me to build an AV rack area to hide my PS5/AVR/amps, wall mount my TV and perhaps even flush mount a pair of Genelec 8341.

If anyone has any ideas, feel free to shoot me some ideas. I'm sure there's people with a lot more experience in this field than I am.


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