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I need your help to find IEMs for a rather specific use !


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May 20, 2023
Hi everyone,

I need your help to choose a pair of iem. I don't think I have much knowledge in your field, so I'm asking you to help me.

I'll introduce myself quickly, I live in France, and I play mainly competitive video games, and I listen to a lot of music. I've always tried to get decent audio gear within my means. My first real headset was an AKG K142, for a very long time, then I had an AKG K702 which kept me happy for 5 or 6 years before recently, the right driver gave out on me, due to a wire that had come loose (unfortunately I don't have the tools, nor the skills to do this kind of small work), then I was able to buy a cheap Sennheiser HD600, which gave me a slap in the face in terms of dynamics and tonality, and despite its bad reputation in terms of soundstage, I'm completely satisfied with it, whether for music or gaming.

I was also recently able to get my hands on a pair of IEMs, the Truthear Hexa (that's my slightly geeky side that made me jump at the chance), for not too expensive, 45€.

On the music side, I mainly listen to electro, metal and rock, and on the gaming side, I mainly play Apex Legend, a shooting game where the notion of space is ultra-important to play at a decent level, whether on the vertical or horizontal axis, and very often, this information is first of all aural before being visual, which gives a huge advantage during gunfights or skirmishes.

On the music side, I really liked the detail of the final rendering, as if the "grain" and texture of the music were really fine. What's more, the rendering of certain percussion is just brilliant (tap and finger snaps in particular, in the L'Homme aux 4 Lettres - Horsquake mix, in the tracks by Point Point, or by Nömak, in fact I think these 3 artists are excellent in terms of samples richness, as well as in the positioning of their scenes).

Imaging-wise, it's really not bad either. I don't know if you can call it a soundstage, but in terms of sound positioning, it's not as good as my HD600 or K702, but it's far from bad, in fact it's very encouraging considering the MSRP.

However, I did notice a few drawbacks: firstly, the sybilances that can quickly make certain listening sessions tiring or even unpleasant.
Some voices can sound denatured (Joey Starr's or David JoliCoeur's in Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc).
Above all, I feel that the percussion has lost a great deal of dynamics and authority, which is easy to notice on tracks like DragonForce - Through The Fire And Flames or Elena Siegman - 115.

So I'd like to know about a few models in the €350 range that could make up for these shortcomings, because I really like the freedom that IEMs offer.

Thank you for reading!
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