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Help with room placement and possible treatments / mods


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Feb 8, 2019
A bit of background. I recently decided or, in truth, decided by the boss that I needed to move my giant stereo set up from our formal living room.

Don’t judge the boss yet. I had huge modified Klipsch RF7s in the room set up actively, imagine the number of components and wires. After 9 years of enjoyment, and with some push from the boss, I decided to simplify.

Was lucky to get my hands on used PSB synchrony one speakers. I hooked up the PSBs to my Wyred4 Sound st1000 amp (ICE 1000asp modules). Could not be happier.

Now, I had to move all this to my TV family room, which is large, but has tile floors and all glass or reflective surfaces like a large TV as sidewalls. My other room had curtains and rugs.

first impression was unbelievable, just movin from another room, these speakers now sounded like the worst crap one can imagine. Yes, hooked it up and frequency was all over. I am getting a rug, which should help. I also did some EQ in Roon, which has improved things tremendously. Thank you Roon for offering DSP above the DAC level.

Besides getting a rug, which hopefully should mitigate the woofer suckout, how can I improve my room acoustics. I am new to this, welcome any suggestions. Righ now, speakers are 10 ft apart, 2ft from the back wall.

Thank you guys in advance!


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Apr 16, 2020
I like to keep my speakers 1.5 - 2 ft away from the back wall, 3-4 feet from the sides (but same distance from both sides).

Rugs and Curtains surely will help some.

Treat your first reflection points with absorption panels. Find these through a help of a mirror and a partner. Guides all over.

After doing all this, and running room correction (whatever sort you have), you should have an improvement!
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