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FS - Matrix Audio Element M - 7 mo old, like new


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May 28, 2020
Up for sale is my gently (and infrequently) used M/A Element M. It has been well cared for and used in a non-smoking, child free home. It has no visible scratches and works flawlessly in my setup. It has been updated to the most recent firmware. Through a recent purchase, I now have 5 streamers but only 3 audio systems and the reason for selling. Since purchasing in August of last year (7 months old) from Apos Audio, it has been rock solid and performed flawlessly with everything I have thrown at it. I used it solely as a network streamer, controlling via jriver to a local audio system playing FLAC, WAV and DSD files through a wired network. I have not tested it in any other use environment nor do I have the capability to do so.

I am asking $1695 via paypal (currently sells for $2149). If selling at asking price, it includes me covering pp fees and free ground shipping+insurance.

It comes with all original packaging, materials (cloth carrying bag) and hardware (A/C adapter, 2-wifi antenna, remote & USB cable.

Shoot me an email or message if you have any questions. Due to site photo size limitations, I was not able to upload all pictures. I will be posting this ad at USAudiomart too and will include more images
1 upside down.jpg
over there if you want more (crappy) pictures
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